Vanishing on 7th Street Review

I really wanted to like this movie, but in the end it left me pretty disappointed. *SPOILERS START NOW* The basic premise of the flick is that some mysterious force has caused almost all of the humans to disappear, leaving behind a pile of empty clothes. It’s soon discovered that whatever is lurking in the darkness is the cause of the disappearances. When I watched the trailer I got sort of a “Pitch Black” vibe from it, but with some horror aspects. When I finally sat down to watch it last night I was really into it until the end, but when the film ended and there was no real closure to the story I felt kind of cheated. It almost seemed as though the writer had this cool idea that could have worked, but he couldn’t think of a way to explain the things that were happening other than to bring religion into it and just sort of end it. I wouldn’t even have cared if the ending was that they were aliens or some sort of creature, but they weren’t they were just “souls” or shadows really….

Overall I thought the movie was decent, but not great. Ending aside, if you thought of it as more of a religious drama with some suspense you’ll probably enjoy it more than if you think you’re getting a horror movie as it was not scary at all. They tried to build the tension during some scenes, but I can’t think of a single moment when I truly felt uncomfortable or scared. All I wanted the entire time was to figure out what was in the shadows and why they were there and sadly I didn’t get answers to either of those questions. The acting wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure what it means when Hayden Christensen is the best actor in the movie; Usually I like Thandie Newton, but her character was just ridiculous to me and I couldn’t like her. She was obviously smart enough to figure out that whatever happened to these people happened in the dark, yet she can’t figure out that her baby is gone and he’s not coming back and she just needs to get over it…

So while the movie wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t scary, but that doesn’t mean that the premise wasn’t bad I just think they didn’t pull off the execution as well as they could, especially the ending. So overall I was a little disappointed and can’t really recommend the movie to anyone… I think you’ll be just as upset at the end when you don’t figure out anything what so ever.