Trick R Treat Mini Review

A few years ago I recall reading about this upcoming horror movie that was coming out that critics and fans were really enjoying in pre-release screenings, but then that movie never made it to theaters and subsequently faded from my memory. Jump forward to last week when I was reading a forum that I frequent and to my surprise someone mentioned that the movie had made it’s way to the dark alleys of the internet, meaning a good quality copy of it leaked. Now don’t get me wrong, when I was in college almost 10 years ago, movie pirating was just starting to get big and I would have no problem downloading a movie that was still out in theaters, but after college I never really saw the point as I was starting to appreciate film more and had no problem giving the studios my money by going to the theater or buying the DVD. This left me with a dilemma. I really wanted to see Trick R Treat, but the only way to see it would have been to download it, but fearing that the studio would never release this in the theaters anyways, since it was supposed to come out in October of 2007, I took my chances and grabbed a copy and after watching it I have every intention of buying the DVD when it comes out.

I thought the movie was very good, very stylish and interesting and I like the idea of four interwoven stories that somehow kind of connect to each other in the end like Crash, 11:14 and a million other movies these days.

So the movie opens with a couple walking up to their home after a costume party. The wife doesn’t really like Halloween and picks up the jack o lantern to blow out the candle, but her husband warns her that you’re not supposed to blow out the candle before midnight as the candle’s protect you from evil spirits or something… she blows it out anyways. They walk up to the front porch and she decides that she wants to take down all of the decorations in the front yard before they go to bed, but all he wants to do is go upstairs and have sex. So he goes upstairs and puts on porn while she stays downstairs and starts cleaning up the decorations. Without giving anything away, things don’t end very well for her.

Anna Paquin stars in another one of the storylines. Her friends and her are getting ready for a costume party. Each of them are dressing up as slutty maids and whatever, but Anna is dressed in a more traditional little red riding hood costume. She’s embarrassed and the other girls tell her that it’s tradition and she has to dress like that. So the story follows the girls as they try to find dates for their party and again I don’t want to give away the ending to the stories so we’ll just leave it at that.

The second major storyline follows a principal that apparently dislikes kids as he lures one to his front porch and poisons him with candy and then buries him in his backyard. The principal appears in the other storylines as well.

The third storyline follows a group of kids that want to play a prank on the weird girl that lives down the street. There is a town legend of a school bus driver that drove his bus off the cliff at the rock quarry into the water below subsequently killing all of the special needs kids on the bus. Apparently the parents of the kids paid the bus driver to kill their kids as they didn’t want to deal with the burden of taking care of them anymore. So the group of kids lure this girl to the quarry where they pretend to be the ghosts of the murdered bus kids.

The fourth storyline follows the principal’s bitter neighbor as he is tormented by this weird little kid in a sack boy costume. This is where it started to get a little strange, but it’s a horror movie, it’s not supposed to be based in real life so you just have to go with it.

That is the basic idea behind the 4 storylines, but obviously there’s a lot more to it, it’s just hard to go into details without ruining the end of each one. I’m sure what I’ve written above makes absolutely no sense, and it probably won’t until you see the movie.

I thought the movie was pretty good, I don’t know if it lived up to all the hype surrounding it, but the way things were interwoven together and the way the film was shot were all very nice. The acting was pretty good and Anna Paquin looks good as always. I liked the fact that there was really no backstory to anything and nothing was really wrapped up in the end, it just all comes together. All we see is this one Halloween night as experienced by these different people. There’s nothing else, no flashbacks, no look into the past or future at all, just one night. I can see some people not liking the movie because there are times when it’s just corny and a little too over the top, but that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s not supposed to be a serious horror/thriller or a slasher movie, it is what it is and you just have to realize that. I definitely say it’s worth checking out if you’re the slight bit interested.

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?