Top Fantasy Movies

the neverending story

In honor of the release of “The Princess Bride: 25th Anniversary Edition” on October 2nd, check out this list of some of the greatest fantasy movies ever released. This is not our top 10 fantasy list, but merely a look at some of the greatest fantasy movies fo the last few decades.

Top Fantasy Films

As You Wish… Rob Reiner’s Fan Favorite Fairy Tale Celebrates Silver Anniversary; the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition Debuts October 2nd from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

princess bride

In this a young boy is told a classic fairytale that has been passed down in his family for generations – an epic story of adventure, deceit, outrageous characters, and of course, love. This feature will explore some of our other favorite films in the fantasy genre, including Dragonheart, The Neverending Story, and Return To Oz.

Scale the cliffs of insanity, battle rodents of unusual size, face torture in the pit of despair, and join Princess Buttercup and Westley on their spell-binding journey to find true love when The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary Blu-ray debuts October 2 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. A classic fairy tale complete with heroes, villains, trickery, mockery and death-defying miracles, The Princess Bride captured audiences young and old with its brilliant, memorable dialogue, enchanting story line and bewitching characters.



1988’s Willow stars Warwick Davis as the titular character, and Val Kilmer as Madmartigan, a swordsman who helps Willow. The brainchild of Ron Howard and George Lucas, Willow is the tale of Willow, a Nelwyn (dwarf-like person) and conjurer, who finds a child that was prophesized to cause the downfall of the evil queen. With the help of Madmartigan, Willow is able to deliver the child to safety, and return home a hero.

The Neverending Story

the neverending story

The Neverending Story is a 1984 film adaptation of a German novel of the same name. In it, an unhappy boy is bullied by other kids and hides in a bookstore. There, the shopkeeper gives him a magic book, which allows the reader to become part of the magical story. Soon, he realizes that the characters in the story are aware of him, and that his imagination can help save the magical world and its inhabitants.



Dragonheart is a 1996 film that stars Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, and the voice of Sean Connery. Dragonheart is about a 10th century knight named Bowen (Quaid), who forms an alliance with the last remaining dragon, Draco (voiced by Connery), to perform staged dragon slayings in order to collect rewards. Together, they ultimately save their entire kingdom from the tyrannical rule of the evil King Einon (Thewlis).

Big Fish

big fish

2003’s Big Fish was directed by Tim Burton and is based on a novel of the same name. With a fantastic cast, including Ewan McGregor, Marion Cotillard, Steve Buscemi, Danny DeVito and Helena Bonham Carter, Big Fish is the story of a dying man telling his son tall tales from his exciting life. His fantastic stories involve great characters, like witches, giants, Siamese twins and a bank robber, all depicted in typical Tim Burton style.

Return To Oz

return to oz

1985’s Return To Oz acts as the sequel to the original Oz film, although its storyline proves to be much darker that its predecessor. In this movie, six months have passed since Dorothy visited Oz, and she finds herself back in the mystical land, which is now in shambles since the evil Queen Mombi has taken over. Only Dorothy can save the city, and defeat Mombi along with some help from her new friends from the ruined Emerald City – Jack Pumpkinhead, Tik Tok, and The Gump.

The Dark Crystal

dark crystal

1,000 years ago, a crack appeared in a magical crystal, giving birth to two new races – the vulture-like Skeksis who use the power from the Dark Crystal to live on, and the Mystics, wizards who use their natural powers. While the two groups battle each other, we come to find out that two Gelflings – a race that was thought to have died off – have survived and must work to bring peace to their new world.