Top 50 Action Movies From 2000-2009

battle royale

I got a little carried away with this “Top 50 Action Movies” and had a really hard time determining where things should be positioned. I also had a hard time determining what is really considered an action movie. The site I use to find all of the action movies that came out in a specific year had all of these as being of the action genre, so I kind of just went with that. So again, this is my opinion and you’ll probably be able to convince me pretty easily that something should be in a different place than it is, or that something should never have been included on this list. I will not negotiate with number 1 though. As for movies that had sequels or multiple sequels come out in the time frame given I just lumped most of them together. There were a few cases where I made sure not to include a certain sequel, but only because I thought it was absolutely terrible. Some of these are even just movies that, when they come on TV I can’t turn them off, it doesn’t mean they are good movies, it just means they entertain me enough to continue watching (you’ll probably see what I mean when you see the list).

Update: So I just realized that the site I grabbed the full list of “action” movies from didn’t include Harry Potter as action, but if I included The Lord of the Rings on here, then Harry Potter would have to qualify. Without redoing the entire list, we’ll just go ahead and say that the Harry Potter movies are in my top 10.

Update 2: Listen to us discuss this list in the 4th episode of our Podcast!

So here we go with my Top 50 Action Movies from 2000-2009…

50. Collateral (imdb)


49. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (imdb)

mr and mrs smith

48. Pitch Black (imdb)

pitch black

47. Swordfish (imdb)


46. Constantine (imdb)


45. Punisher: War Zone (imdb)

punisher war zone


44-1 are after the jump

44. Bad Boys 2 (imdb)

bad boys 2

43. Underworld (imdb)


42. Four Brothers (imdb)

four brothers

41. Domino (imdb)


40. 16 Blocks (imdb)

16 blocks

39. Running Scared (imdb)

running scared

38. The Fast and the Furious (imdb)

the fast and the furious

37. The Last Castle (imdb)

the last castle

36. Blade 2 (imdb)

blade 2

35. Smokin Aces (imdb)

smokin aces

34. Dog Soldiers (imdb)

dog soldiers

33. Equilibrium (imdb)


32. The Transporter (imdb)

the transporter

31. The Italian Job (imdb)

the italian job

30. District B13/Ultimatum (imdb)

district b13

29. Crank (imdb)


28. Hellboy/Hellboy II (imdb)


27. Mission Impossible 2 (imdb)

mission impossible 2

26. X-Men / X-Men: Last Stand (Not X-2) (imdb)

x-men x-men last stand

25. Wanted (imdb)


24. Transformers (imdb)


23. Gone in 60 Seconds (imdb)

gone in 60 seconds

22. District 9 (imdb)

district 9

21. Rambo (imdb)


20. Shoot Em Up (imdb)

shoot em up

19. 300 (imdb)


18. Avatar (imdb)


17. Batman Begins (imdb)

batman begins

16. The Incredibles (imdb)

the incredibles

15. Iron Man (imdb)

iron man

14. V for Vendetta (imdb)

v for vendetta

13. Ong-Bak (imdb)

ong bak

12. Battle Royale (imdb)

battle royale

11. The Devil’s Rejects (imdb)

the devils rejects

10. Casino Royale (imdb)

casino royale

9. Spider-Man/Spider-Man 2 (imdb)

spider-man spider-man 2

8. Black Hawk Down (imdb)

black hawk down

7. The Bourne Movies (imdb)

the bourne identity

6. Gladiator (imdb)


5. Kill Bill vol. 1/2 (imdb)

kill bill vol 1 and 2

4. Sin City (imdb)

sin city

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (imdb)

pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl

2. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (imdb)

the lord of the rings

1. The Dark Knight (imdb)

the dark knight

So there you have it, my list of the top 50 action movies of the 2000’s. Feel free to let me know what I got wrong in the comments or what I left out. I know I haven’t seen every action movie that’s come out so inform me of what I missed.