I’ve done it with horror movies so I figured it was as good a time as any to rattle off my top 30 favorite comedy movies from the last 10 years. Before you continue on to the list just remember that this list is based on my opinion so if you don’t agree, good for you. I already know a lot of people will think I’m crazy for leaving movies like Zoolander off the list, but honestly that movie was just unfunny and dumb. So with that being said let’s get to numbers 30-26 with 25-1 coming after the jump. Enjoy and feel free to leave your opinions on the list or let me know if I forgot a pretty obvious one.


30. Up! (2009)

29. Idiocracy (2006)

28. Waiting… (2005)

27. Team America: World Police (2004)

26. Reno 911!: Miami (2007)

25. Road Trip (2000)

24. Bad Santa (2003)

23. Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

22. Wedding Crashers (2005)

21. Pineapple Express (2008)

20. Super Troopers (2001)

19. Tropic Thunder (2008)

18. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

17. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

16. Jackass: The Movie (2002)

15. Scary Movie (2000)

14. The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

13. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002)

12. Meet the Parents (2000)

11. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

10. American Pie 2 (2001)

9. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

8. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004)

7. Superbad (2007)

6. I Love You, Man (2009)


5. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)

4. Grandma’s Boy (2006)

3. Borat (2006)

2. Old School (2003)

1. The Hangover (2009)

Honorable Mention

(alphabetical order)

Beerfest (2006)

Clerks II (2006)

Elf (2003)

Knocked Up (2007)

Strange Wilderness (2008)

And there you have it, my Top 30 Comedy Movies from the past 10 years. So what was your favorite comedy since 2000?

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  • Slater

    Black Dynamite, Borat, Zombieland, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Little Miss Sunshine, and Kung Fu Hustle all deserve spots on the list. Especially Black Dynamite!

    • Deangomez5

      how they werent made in the 90s

    • pingu

      black dynamite, what a surprise of a movie

  • AC Slater

    I’ll honestly say that I haven’t seen Black Dynamite yet, so I can’t comment either way. Borat is on the list, it’s #3. I’ll give you Zombieland, it should have at least been an honorable mention, but I still don’t feel that it was one of the top 30 best comedies for the last 10 years. Walk Hard was extremely dumb, up there with Zoolander. I sat through the whole thing only because I had nothing else to do. Little Miss Sunshine is a good overall movie, but I don’t think it’s one of the funniest, same with Kung Fu Hustle.

  • Varun

    How is Hot Fuzz not on this?

    • josh klenke

      hot fuzz was terrible compared to shaun of the dead. His movies have gone downhill since shaun of the dead. Now i think an honorable mention if not a great movie this past couple of years was Pirate Radio. If you dont laugh at some of these parts consider your self humorless.

      • Ryan

        Napoleon Dynamite was a horrible horrible movie.

        honestly this list has no credibility with me. just so off with so many choices

        • Humanconsciousness

          Are you kidding me, Napoleon Dynamite is genius, best comedy movie ever made. Let me guess you thought The Hang Over was good because speaking of horrible movies that is one of them.

          • I agreed with both in a way (ryan and human), This list has terrible choices starting with the #1, and borat in #3? wtf!, i wouldnt even put them, some of the best for me were 40 years old virgin, i love you man and stephbrothers

          • Bigmike64

            office space was made in the 90s man.  Great movie, but wrong time period.

      • Disagree. Hot Fuzz is a very clever movie with an awful lot of thought put into it. For starters, the line “The greater good” is never said only once; it is always repeated by someone else straight after. Nick Angel’s badge number is 777, as opposed to the number of the beast 666. And plenty of others. I suggest you watch it again.

  • WTF



    Metta loving kindness to you

  • That Dude

    @ Varun Hot Fuzz is retarded not even funny

    • karthik

      Cmon Hot Fuzz was so damn funny !!!

      • Scoot

        Don’t you people realize humor is objective? I think Hot Fuzz was hilarious but that’s just me. Everyone has a different sense of humor

        • AC Slater

          Thanks Scoot… I tried to get that across in the beginning of the post, this is obviously just my opinion and some people will have a different idea of what is funny to them.

        • neeeh

          You mean subjective.. Humor is subjective. But thats okey.

  • Ali

    well done it is a great list of top movies in comedy well can you tell me where can i find list of top action movies

  • Paul Martin

    Funny funny stuff. Have you seen http://www.filmcrave.com/list_genre_movie.php?genre=Comedy for top comedy movies.

  • F U

    The only movies I saw on here worth watching were the hangover,superbad,and grandmas boy. Other than that the others are stupid. Oh and btw hot fuzz is one of the stupidest movies ever made!

    • AC Slater

      So what were the good comedies that came out from 2000-2009 then?

      • cardboardbelt

        I was hoping to find them here.
        Don’t get me wrong, I think you did a pretty decent job listing the best comedies of the last 10 years, it’s just that the best comedies of the last 10 years weren’t all that impressive. I was hoping that I’d missed a few good ones, but…I guess not.
        Some of my favorite comedies of all time have included “Office Space,” “Tootsie,” “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Dr Strangelove,” “Shakespeare In Love,” “Young Frankenstein,” and “Soapdish.” All of these films are not just really funny, but are good films in general. They also were all 1)pretty tightly scripted before going in front of a camera 2)not completely reliant on sex, fart, shock humour 3)mostly featured smart people acting stupid instead of stupid people acting stupid.

    • WOW

      dude! You need to check that list over one more time!!

    • ^^^ someone didn’t get Hot Fuzz. Hot Fuzz is genius. The twin coppers played by Bill Bailey both have the same badge number. One of them reads books by Ian Banks, the other reads books by Ian M. Banks (who are both actually the same author). Right at the beginning he lists a whole load of things that “only happen in the movies” and then each and every one happens in the film to him. It’s a clever film, but you need to be looking out to appreciate it.

  • Thanx for the list man. Glad you add “Hot Fuzz”

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  • sudhir b.n.c.e.t

    what an helpful stuff to help me to what i have to download….

    • Spedmuffin1

      haha same here sudhir workin on that right now

  • Are you KIDDING me? No Wet Hot?

    • AC Slater

      I didn’t want to respond because I hadn’t see the movie, but after getting it from Netflix this past weekend and giving it a once through I thought it was just “alright”. I know what they were going for, but it just seemed to fall flat for me. I still don’t think it’d put it in “my” top 30, but it is definitely not a bad movie. I’m actually surprised I missed this for so many years considering how many fairly well known actors/actresses are in it.

  • Bjorn

    This is a good list, but it’s interesting how many relatively weak/average movies there are (Elf, Zack and Miri), compared to your list of 30 horrors. Maybe that shows how hard it is to do comedy, that you only once or twice a year get real gems like Superbad or 40-Year-Old Virgin.

    • AC Slater

      It’s a little of both I think. There are just so many comedy movies pushed out each year (let alone 10 years) that it’s hard to narrow them down to truly good ones, plus you only get a Dumb and Dumber, The Hangover or Old School every few years.

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  • Andro

    i think EUROTRIP should be on the list! it’s an awesome movie!

  • Nibiru




    I saw a bunch of shitty ass picks there broda.

    ALSO EXTRACT was alright.

    • AC Slater

      I’ve seen “The Goods” it was ok, not great though, haven’t seen “Janky Promoters” but I’ll add it to netflix, Bad Santa is on the list at #24 and “Extract” was pretty boring… I wanted to like it cause I like Mike Judge, but I couldn’t get into it.

  • dumb duh dumb

    this list is retarded anchorman should be first up there.

  • Simon Bassline Smith and Drumsound
  • billybob

    o brother where art thou is the best comedy and it didnt even get a mention

  • randall graves

    what about Jay and silent Bob Strike Back. that movie was hilarious

  • KIF

    I didn’t agree with your Horror movie list either and a Horror movie big timer. I hated most of these comedies. The problem I have with most comedies is they start with some horrible joke (like most of these do) and I’m expected to find funny or get over it. I don’t get over it, I just keep remembering how they thought they were funny five minutes ago.

    Just my thoughts, I’m sure most people enjoy most of these movies. I would say personally Killa Season was the best comedy of the last decade.

    • AC Slater

      Killa Season… as in the Cam’ron movie? Interesting…

  • JT

    with all do respect this list sucks, anyone who had anything to do with “Waiting…” needs to be bound, gaged, and thrown into a lake. Tropic Thunder was not funny at all (seriously i think i laughed once during that movie), and just because Seth Rogen had something to do with a movie, doesn’t mean its good. Scary movie is just trash, enough said. Pirate Radio much? Role Models? Best in Show? did everyone forget zombieland? I bet if this guy made a list of the top 30 comedies ever, the meaning of life wouldn’t be mentioned, nor something by the marx brothers, or a fish called wanda. Also Seth Rogen would’ve still had at lest 3 movies in the list.

    • AC Slater

      Finally! Someone who says the list sucks, but actually gives some examples of comedies they feel should have been on here. Thank you!

      So personally, I didn’t find Role Models funny and I didn’t care for Best In Show, haven’t seen Pirate Radio so I can’t judge it and maybe it should be on the list… and Zombieland I loved, but I didn’t feel that it fit on this particular list. As for a top comedies of ever, I don’t even think I’d attempt one because you’re exactly right, I haven’t seen enough older comedy movies to recognize what are truly the “top xx comedies ever”.

      Like I said in the post, I could care less if you think the list sucks, I actually like when people tell me the list sucks, but only if they give me examples of things that should be on the list because then I can go out and watch those movies as well (if I haven’t seen them). The list is clearly my opinion and I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but I’d love to hear what other people’s “Top xx” comedies from this time period are.

  • N4t2

    I can’t believe Joe Dirt was not mentioned at all in any conversations of top comedies…….HOME IS WHERE YOU MAKE IT

  • I couldn’t help but notice you left off Little Miss Sunshine, a fantastic black comedy, as well as Burn After Reading.

  • Your list is actually pretty solid overall, I’d change places on a couple a flims in the list, for example Pineapple Express would be much higher on mine. (see what I did there) Movies that are missing would be Jay & Silent Bob like someone said, and Smiley Face with Anna Farris, it’s hilarious.

    • AC Slater

      Haven’t seen Smiley Face… I’ll have to check it out.

  • A2thamo

    decent list but missed trailer park boys the movie but love to see grandmas boy get respect

    • AC Slater

      Haven’t seen Trailer Park Boys The Movie, but I’ll add it Netflix.

  • hammer

    The hangover is good. But not that good!

  • Chichensoup454

    Love the site! Its got some good ones in there bad santa,old school,grandmas boy. Why Not!!!

  • Gwyn

    I just watched super troopers for the first time and what a film

  • axlcorr

    i guess wildhogs should be on the list…

  • ghoga

    help me to find out wht 2 dwnlod………thnx

  • jeremy

    Your list makes absolutely no sense, you have some irreverant warped sense of humour, if that. You are just an idiot

  • Laxnlift4

     Are you kidding me…. Zoolander.

    • AC Slater

      Zoolander is a terrible movie.

  • ask


  • Bedford

    The hangover is the most overrated and unoriginal movie on earth. Van Wilder blows too. Meet the Parents and Tropic Thunder should be one and two, respectively. I’m surprised whoever made this list didn’t put Tyler Perry’s movies on here too.

  • H_catania

    just gonna say that the hangover is funny but in no way even close to the funniest movie of 2000-2009.  I mean having that win over Anchorman or Super Troopers.  I mean Zoolander isn’t even on the list but Bad Santa and Scary Movie are…    do you even watch movies? 

    • AC Slater

      Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but honestly Zoolander was one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…… this one is really the great post. The existing 30 movies are really looking so cool way to be chilled. And I have seen lots of movie among them. But I really found the best of information for others. Thanks for sharing some exceptional information about it.

  • DJTonyD

    knocked up as an “honorable mention”???? are you joking…..it should probably be #1 or at least in the top 5

    • AC Slater

      If it was maybe 30 minutes shorter I would have agreed with you, but I felt like for a 2+ hr comedy there just wasn’t enough “comedy” to sustain the entire length of the movie. Now if they would have taken the same amount of comedy and jammed it into 90-100 minutes, it may have worked for me… but I got bored.

  • No

    Both the Reno 911 movie and Beerfest are both horrible. Other than that its a good list. Wouldn’t have rated dodgeball so high.

    Also, I think The Goods should be on the list over a couple others.

    • AC Slater

      I honestly don’t think I saw “The Goods” until after this post was written. It’s definitely got some good moments though and is at least worth an honorable mention (only because I don’t want to try to figure out where it fits in the list).

  • Mjenkins26 2

    I disagree with some of your picks, but a great effort compared to most of the other lists out there on the internet.  Any “best comedy movies” list that is not decade- or generation-specific is a mistake.  

  • This list contains both Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell, therefore I must disregard the entire list.

  • Anonymous

    What!? Idiocracy was horrible. As in it was worse than dog sh*t bad. The first 10 minutes was kinda good and it just went straight downhill from there. Buncha redneck/stupid jokes with an ending that made less sense than the rest of the movie.

    • Jacob Banks

      Have to disagree whole heartily with you on that one. Idiocracy is an awesome knee slapper.

      I have to assume you have never been to the west coast because there are thousands and thousands of young teenage kids and even young adults that use ridiculous terminology just like Idiocracy mocks throughout the movie.It hits home with any educated person that has ever spent at least 2-4 weeks enjoying sunshine on the beaches of CA or HI. Plenty of people in these areas of the USA get these jokes in a heartbeat. Unless of course you are one of the lesser educated people who talks like these imbeciles and it is therefore mocking your own kind of people.

      • Haha, thanks for the comment man. I have indeed been to the West Coast, and in case you haven’t been to the rest of the country, there are plenty of people outside of California that speak in the same way; I grew up with a ton of them. I do think Idiocracy is an extremely funny movie as well as a good look at what this country is becoming if things don’t change, but I think I had it so low on the list because there were a lot of other good comedies that came out in the 9-10 year span that the list encompasses. I think just making this list is a good indication of the quality of comedy it is.

  • Stonewall

    Ballad of Ricky Bobby?

  • Dee

    Where`s Rat Race?

  • Ghostzero24


  • Mostly agree except for this http://captainspacker.blogspot.com/2011/07/scott-pilgrim-vs-world.html

    • AC Slater

      What does Scott Pilgrim have to do with a list of Comedies from 2000-2009? Scott Pilgrim came out in 2010… It’s a great movie and definitely would have made my top list had it come out a year earlier.

  • JohnnyGuest

    Thank you very much for the IMDB Links.

  • derek chance

    Better know as author’s favorite comedy movies…

    • AC Slater

      Basically, yes… as I stated in the very first line of the post. I’d still love to hear other people’s top 10,20,30 from the same time period though….

  • Johnwilliamnobjockey

    pretty decent list, some of the order is a bit crazy tho

    and the hangover was a load of balls

  • Ankj

    Why the hell this fascination with The Hangover… what a stupid movie that was..

  • Wt F

    Zoolander, Starsky and Hutch, STEP BROTHERS

  • I would like to thank you for using a continuous layout for the entire list, I will completely stop reading anything that requires me to hit next 30 times for a paragraph and an image

    • AC Slater

      I would never make any of my lists like that, I hate it.

  • Josh

    Step Brothers?!

    • It should probably be on the “Honorable Mentions” list, but that’s another one that a lot of people liked that I didn’t really find that funny.

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  • Bry_mny214

    eurotrip at least deserved an honorable mention :O

    • You’re probably right… I suck. :-/

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  • The Hangover is not funny! I kind of hate it because the second part has some hilarious stuff.  But people claim the first one is better than the second and I’m like “oh God, you can’t be serious. I didn’t even laugh with that one.” And people dismissing Hot Fuzz, no way.  It is miles better than everything else.  Knocked Up in honorable mentions, makes me think this list is what “people” wanted to see. That movie is pure greatness just not that popular. As a personal favorite I also loved “Hot Rod”, that’s a hilarious movie.  Zombieland is another one, really great movie. 

  • Meh

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  • I agree with almost every movie in the list.  But Anchorman has to be at the top.  No movie was more quoted or watched on a loop than that movie.  I agree Old School should be at number 2 though.

  • Ass

    i cant believe zoolander wasnt up there

    • I’ll own up to leaving some other ones off the list, but Zoolander is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Not remotely funny. It was left off of this list for a reason… Sorry, the only part I found even semi-funny was the gasoline fight, and even that was dumb. I’m not a big fan of Ben Stiller.

      • Blue Duck

         Zoolander was dumb and yet idiocracy is on the list? Thats all im going to say

        • Idiocracy is a smart comedy where Zoolander is just dumb… Nothing is going to change my mind in regards to Zoolander, sorry.

          • Guest

            …. and Grandmas Boy is a smart comedy huh?

  • CraigN91

    Shaun of the Dead should be higher! as well as Hot Fuzz being up there great films from the duo!

  • Joe

    where is stepbrothers??

  • Panagiotis

    Scary Movie and American Pie? Come on guys…

    • Are you questioning why Scary Movie and American Pie 2 are on the list? Or are you questioning why they aren’t? Scary Movie is definitely on the list, but the 1st American Pie came out in 1999… otherwise it would have absolutely been on the list.

  • Panagiotis

    Sorry.. I was doing something else at the same time 😛

  • Guest

    Waiting!! Haha!! THE GOAT!!

  • Po

    bad santa should be right infront of forgetting sarah marshall

  • TK

    holy shit grandma’s boy is 4? you’re fucking high.

  • JB

    the hangover?

    • I knew I’d get a lot of flack for that one, but from 2000-2009 that was my favorite “mainstream” comedy. I know a lot of people disagree with me, but that’s the point, I’d love to hear what other people’s favorite comedy between 2000-2009 was… so what was yours?

  • realbrownsfan

    Hot Rod was hands down no. 1.  Grandma’s Boy 2, and Anchorman 3rd.

  • Sloanerb1578

    100% Stoner list

    • This comment is great, only for the fact that I get shit all the time for my “Top 10 Stoner List” being, not what a stoner would choose…

  • Guest

    Soooo, Step Brothers?

  • Guest

    Hangover the most overrated movie of all time. And how come there is no Adam Sandler movie here? Do you not like him? You Don’t Mess With The Zohan was easily one of the best movies of 2008 and 2000s in general, notwithstanding its slapstick comedy.

    • I love Adam Sandler’s movies from the 90’s like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison, but his more recent stuff has been pretty awful in my opinion.

  • Guest

    Agreed, where is don’t mess with the zohan, that movie’s really funny, thanks for recommending Idiocracy though, Id never even hear of that and it’s good. 

    • I wasn’t a fan of “Don’t Mess With The Zohan” when I saw it the first time and never gave it another chance, but maybe it deserves one. Even so, I think there were a lot of funnier movies that came out during this time period so I’m not sure it would have made the list either way.

  • guest

    Great list actually but there a few classics missing in my opinion… Step Brothers is unbelievably funny! Also, you’re missing Role Models, Get him to the Greek (that might be 2010?), Dewey Cox and even Talladega Nights. Though,  I don’t know where all would go because it’s only 30 but at least Step Brothers and Role Models should probably be above Up and Idiocracy in my opinion. They must be at least honorable mention worthy. But I agree about the Zohan, not top 30 and otherwise really a pretty solid list. 

    • I thought “Step Brothers” was just OK… I know, I know, I have terrible taste in comedies, but I didn’t find it as funny as some of the others on the list. “Dewey Cox” I just didn’t like at all. “Talladega Nights” was alright, I’d put it in the same vein as “Step Brothers”. “Role Models” was good, it definitely deserves at least an honorable mention.

      • as slater ur right step brothers do suck but its ok u know u can watch it

  • heres some stuff u missed ddont mess with the zohan  is an amazing movie    step brothers role models        drake and brakerself fool    

    • Role Models should definitely get honorable mention as I said in another comment, Step Brothers I didn’t really care for to be honest… and Zohan was pretty terrible just like pretty much every recent Adam Sandler movie, which is unfortunate because Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison are amazing.

  • Dan Motherfucker

    This is one of the best lists I’ve seen, I’ve looked through a LOT of lists and this is probably the only one where I like every film on it. Although ‘Beerfest’ is far more entertaining than ‘Napoleon Dynamite’, as is ‘Freddy got Fingered’, ‘Miss March’ and ‘Walk Hard – The Dewey Cox Story’

    • Thanks! We appreciate the nice words. As for Beerfest vs. Napoleon Dynamite, I’d have to say that Beerfest definitely has better replay value than Napoleon Dynamite, but based on first viewings alone, I preferred Napoleon. I’ve never seen Miss March, didn’t care for Walk Hard, and Freddy Got Fingered is just ridiculous haha. I enjoy it once in a while and it’s got its moments, but I just couldn’t justify putting it on this list with some of these other ones.

      • Dan Motherfucker

        Definitely check out Miss March! 
        I’ve just about finished my list of top 50 comedy films from ’00-’12, your list was one of the lists that I used to remind myself of good films, almost forgot about Clerks II & Waiting..
        anyway feel free to check it out if you wish

        • Went over your list briefly, got to “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” and immediately bookmarked it so I can look through more of it later. Any list that has that movie on it is a great list in my book. Love that flick.

  • Robertdrljaca7

    honestly i agree about step brothers.. yeah its kinda funny but hangover or some other movies r much funnier good list man

  • Robertdrljaca7

    But by farrrrrrrrrrrr “miss march” is the funniest movie ever created!

  • YourAnIdiot

    Horrible list, Elf as an “Honorable Mention” are you serious? Hangover number one? Come on, Anchorman was funnier then Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Where the hell was “Freddy Got Fingered?” And Super Troopers is so much bettet then Super Bad. Re-title this list
    Top 30 Comedy Movies from 2000 to 2009 (if you 9 or under) 

    • Any list with “Freddy Got Fingered” on it is a terrible list by default, sorry. What would your top 10 be?

  • Bodya

    Excellent list, I would add Sex Drive into the top 10

    • I rewatched it for the first time in a very long time a couple weeks ago, definitely a funny flick, at least worthy of honorable mention, or maybe even a spot near around 30, but it wouldn’t fall in my top 10.

  • JoeCummle

     The Hangover is overrated

    • Dchas

       I 100% agree that movie was a totally spoon fed travesty, and proves the level of incompetency of the world, in regard to what funny really is. 

      • Dan Dan

        ‘funny’ is subjective.

  • This is a pretty ok list, really feel like it focus on main stream movies only though

    • It’s definitely more mainstream, but we’d love to hear your list of non-mainstream comedies.

  • Fgfg

    beerfest and supertroopers tied for #1

  • Badb211

    The Hangover has to be the most overrated comedy in the last 20 years. I didn’t think it was very funny at all. Terrible acting by people that just aren’t that funny.

    I definitely think Borat was the funniest movie of the 2000’s, then probably Anchor Man.

    Some others you missed are.

    Observe and Report
    Malibu’s Most Wanted
    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Friday after Next
    Step Brothers

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to go back and re-watch “Observe and Report” again, but I remember not finding it that funny. Malibu’s Most Wanted… I couldn’t stand. “Friday After Next” was ok, but compared to the previous two, it fell way short for me. “Step Brothers” is one that a lot of people yell at me for not including, but I didn’t really care for it. I appreciate you actually including movies you could put on your list as most people just tell me how stupid I am haha.

    • Jimmywizza

      You obviously have no taste in movies dickhead how on earth could you think Borat is funnier than The Hangover you probably loved Bruno too

    • GentlyWaftingCurtains

      Yes, thank you. All my frat boy-type friends think it’s the greatest comedy ever, but it’s really not. It’s a bunch of B-listers trying to be funny by going “Look how ludicrous this situation is! LMAO you guys!! Right?” Ugh terrible.

  • kaova

    I just wanna meet someone who thinks step brothers is THE best comedy of all times and marry him.

    • NightHawk

      It is.

  • me

    fuck borat

  • DG

    wedding crashers way too low on the list…

  • Fartknuckle

    I would say you are missing:
    Hot Rod
    Mean Girls
    The Road to El Dorado

    Also I think Van Wilder was pretty stiff at 13.

    • I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen The Road to El Dorado, so thanks for the suggestion. Hot Rod, I didn’t really feel the first time I saw it, maybe I’ll give it another shot. I think you’re right about Mean Girls though, being a guy it doesn’t really stick in my brain, but it’s definitely funny. Snatch is a good movie, but I don’t lump it in the same category as these flicks. Thanks for the comment.

  • haha

    ELF is the DUMBEST movie I have EVER seen!!!! It does not deserve any honorable mention. and I wasn’t a big fan of Anchorman either.

    • haha

      Little Nicky should be thrown in there somewhere

    • So those 2 movies shouldn’t be on the list, but Little Nicky should? Interesting…

      • Dustin

        Little Nickey was great, Anchorman was great, elf is only ok and good at best

  • me, myself and Irene (2000) deserves a mention in my opinion. Jim Carrey is hot / cold in his performances but this one is a winner in my books.

  • Fuck you

    this is so wrong, fuck off man, ur banned from the internet

    • What’s so wrong? The whole list? You’re not making a very good case for yourself by just telling me I’m banned from the internet…

  • Toes

    These are your opinion and you should’ve kept them to yourself.

    • Thanks for that super insightful comment… I’m fine with people blasting my opinions, but when they don’t even follow it up with what they think of certain movies it’s just a waste of everyones time.

  • Guest

    great list. hot rod, talladega nyts,me myself and irene, role models and step brothers must be included

    • I think I’m gonna have to watch Hot Rod again, I saw it once and just thought it was kind of dumb. Role Models definitely should have gotten an honorable mention for the one kids drawing alone, haha

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  • Lord of the Zings

    You sir… are an idiot.

    • Clearly living up to your name…

  • purplebignasty

    If it’s based on how many times I’ve watched it and still laugh hard, my top 3 is definitely: 1. Pineapple Express 2. Hot Rod 3. Dewey Cox: Walk Hard

    • Nice. Pineapple Express is definitely one of my favorite as far as repeat viewings go. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Hot Rod and Dewey Cox, I might have to go back and give them another watch.

  • This list was compiled by a braindead idiot. These are 25 of the worst comedies…

    • It’s actually 30 of the worst comedies (not 25), and since you’re so well versed in the world of “good” comedy, lets here your list…

      • Jason Sievers

        This list is horrible. But what do you expect from someone who doesn’t know the difference between here and hear.

        • Touche, nice catch on the typo… That’s fine if you hate the list, but I’d rather HEAR your favorite comedy movies from the same time period, rather than your issues with my grammar.

  • Paul Schoessling

    Why does everyone forget Role Models?

    • It honestly should be on the list, that’s definitely my bad, I don’t know why I forgot it. As punishment I’m going to go pour sugar on my dick…

  • Nacho Libre, Step Brothers?

  • Mm

    Scott Pilgrim? —- MUCH better than scary movie.

    • Scott Pilgrim wasn’t released between 2000-2009, which is the time frame this post covers. But I agree, Scott Pilgrim is much better than Scary Movie.

  • dogfud

    Hmm, Many good titles, some i must admit i haven’t seen, But Borat sucked maybe 89 not 3. Napoleon dynamite maybe a 30-40 not top 20. besides that i agree. for the most part i would change the order up but i think a lot of people would its just personal preferences

  • Mke

    Super bad is funnier then Borat. that shit isn’t even funny

    • wrryyyyyyyy


  • blablabla

    Hot Fuzz is better than most of these combined. There is no humor like british humor!

  • asasas

    British comedies are some of the best i think, shaun of the dead and hot fuzz were great

  • JD

    HOW THE FUCK did Strange Wilderness get an honorable mention?!?!?!
    I personally thought Anchorman should’ve been higher up, and that Up was a weird choice, but that’s just me.

  • scottfire321

    Uh whoever made this list…..Well must not have a very good taste for comedies….Sure most are pretty good but….Best??!! Think Not

    • Everyone’s got their own opinion, but if you’re going to bash the list at least tell us what your favorite comedy movies from 2000-2009 are…

  • ‘meet the parents’ is my favorite!

  • Poopyface

    Wow what a terrible list dear lord

    • I know right… terrible. If only people would leave comments about THEIR favorite comedy movies from this time period, I’d have some GOOD movies to watch… psshhh

  • jp

    worse list of all time

  • ohboypotato

    I agree with most of this list, hopefully you didnt try to pick those in order. The only one that shouldnt be on there is Up… incredible movie, not a comedy though.

  • walker

    BEST LIST I HAVE EVER SEEN! no one ever rates grandmas boy high enough, its such a amazing movie and I dont think i have ever seen strange wilderness in any lists, dont know why its not more popular its great

  • Manish

    I have really been thinking lately and i guess I have discovered something. People have different sense of humor and as a result different taste in comedy movies and what makes them laugh. I didn’t laugh in most of these movies while others say that they have watched the same movies and laughed out out.
    Movies that made me laugh and I watched them more than once: Hangover, 40 year Old Virgin, Knocked up. Rest most of them are just ok. Some are terrible. I hate Will Ferrell – he just does forced comedy. But them some people like him. But you have most of his movies up there. So I guess we just have different taste. But then you put Hangover on top of the list which is my all time favorite simply because of the superb chemistry and minute comedy and excellent characters. So it makes me wonder that may be we have the same taste. But then it could be because you liked something else and I liked something else in the same movie. LOL. May be you are saying “Go get a life” because of such a long post. By the way Hangover 2 was just ok and 3 sucked big time. Cheers!

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  • If you are getting bored, and want some entertainment. Here is a list of 2009 comedy films which are counted as most hilarious comedy movies of the year.

    Enjoy the Weekends