Top 10 Zombie…

I didn’t know how to finish the title because I didn’t want to do a typical “Top 10 Zombie Movies” post, so instead I decided to do a “Top 10 Zombie…” post meaning they can come from movies, comic books, video games, etc. I didn’t want to limit myself to just movies since that has been done a million times. So here we go, my “Top 10 Zombie…” list, hope you enjoy it.

10. Michael Jackson’s Thriller (music video)

9. Resident Evil (video game)

8. Shaun of the Dead (movie)

7. Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombies (video game)

6. 28 Days Later (movie)

5 through 1 after the jump

5. Zombieland (movie)

4. Left 4 Dead 2 (video game)

3. Dawn of the Dead (1978) (movie)

2. The Walking Dead (comic book)

1. Night of the Living Dead (movie)

Honorable Mentions (no particular order)

Dawn of the Dead (2004) (movie)

Planet Terror (movie)

Day of the Dead (movie)

Dead Rising (video game)

Dead Snow (movie)

Zombi 2 (movie)

Plants vs. Zombies (video game)

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