What makes a movie a “stoner” movie? Is it a movie that you can get more enjoyment out of when you’re under the influence of marijuana? Or is it a movie that revolves around the main theme of weed? This is an age old question that stoners have been arguing about for years… while high, and nobody can seem to make up their mind. I did some research on what the Top 10 Stoner Movies [ever] are and some people just made a list of fun comedies and others included every movie with any sort of drug reference in it. Personally I would not consider movies like Requiem For A Dream and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as “stoner” movies. Sure they are drug movies, but the movie does not revolve around the use of pot which is what I deem necessary in order for a movie to be considered a “stoner” movie. So in light of the other top 10 lists I found on the internet I decided to make my own that only includes movies with a reoccurring theme of pot use. Like the other lists on this site, this is my personal opinion so if you feel that I left something out or that something doesn’t deserve the credit I’m giving it, feel free to leave a comment.

10. Knocked Up (2007) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – Seth Rogen stars as Ben Stone, a pot loving, party animal who is suddenly forced into an undesirable situation… he knocked up Katherine Heigl, which nobody wants… she’s kind of a bitch these days. This one just barely made the list as I’m not a huge fan of it. I love Judd Apatow, but this was a little long and not as funny as I was hoping, but there’s a good amount of pot smoking it so it just barely made the cut.

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9. How High (2001) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – Method Man and Redman in their first starring roles as two guys that love to smoke pot. Method Man is a botanist who grows all sorts of different strains of pot, but it’s only after he sprinkles some of his dead friends ashes in a new strain which when smoked makes the ghost of him appear. Method Man and Redman then meet while taking a college entrance exam and use the ghost of Meth’s friend to help them get “high” scores. They eventually get accepted to Harvard and turn the place upside down. Pretty much this entire movie is based on pot since the ghost only appears if they smoke the special strain. And while it’s a very funny, entertaining movie, there are other stoner movies out there that are better, which is why this only made it to #9 on my list.

8. Super Troopers (2001) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – The movie that introduced us to Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe that would bring us such classics as Beer Fest and some lesser known flops like Club Dread (which I still enjoyed). The opening scene alone in this movie made it a no-brainer for the list. “The Snozberries taste like Snozberries”. Imagine yourself stoned in the back of your buddies car and you get pulled over, but instead of giving you a ticket the cops get back in their car, peel out and race about 100 feet in front of you, slam on the breaks and peel out in reverse and pull you over again… I would be “freakin out man”, especially after eating a whole bag of pot and shrooms to get rid of the evidence. The rest of the movie revolves around a gang of less than intelligent state troopers trying to figure out who’s bringing in massive amounts of pot to the area. Super Troopers is one of those movies that was extremely stupid the first time I saw it, but after repeated viewings it became on of my favorites, kind of like Office Space.

7. Pineapple Express (2008) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – Whoever cast James Franco as one of the leads in this movie deserves a huge bonus. Sure Seth Rogen had become the poster boy for stoner comedies by this point, but most people only knew James Franco from the Spider-Man movies despite the fact that he was also on the short lived TV show Freaks and Geeks (also with Rogen), so to cast him as stoner was a great choice. This is more of an action/stoner adventure than your straight up laid back stoner comedy. Rogen’s character witnesses a murder and they bad guys are able to trace a joint back to Franco and the chase begins. Easily one of the best stoner movies in recent history, but far from the best.

6. Grandma’s Boy (2006) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – One of the most underrated movies of the decade. Grandma’s Boy stars all the familiar faces from pretty much every Adam Sandler movie. The movie revolves around pot and video games, which pretty much go hand in hand these days. Throw in Kevin Nealon and Nick Swardson and you have one of the funniest movies of the decade. If you’ve never seen this movie just stop what you’re doing and go buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Friday (1995) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – Friday is the stoner movie of the 90’s. It’s the Ice Cube movie before Ice Cube melted and started starring in such classics as “Are We There Yet?”, it’s the Chris Tucker movie before Chris Tucker was Chris Tucker. It produced such classic lines like “And you know this… maaan” and “I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.” The movie also spawned a couple sequels “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next”, the 2nd movie was not so terrible, but the 3rd was just awful. The original still holds up today and is still one of the best stoner movies of all time.

4. Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle(2004) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – That asian guy from American Pie and that indian guy from Van Wilder will no longer be associated with those roles as they will now forever be known as Harold and Kumar because of their stoned adventure to White Castle. When this movie first came out I had my doubts because it was the director of Dude Where’s My Car? which I absolutely hated, but after seeing this I was pleasantly surprised. The whole movie revolves around Harold and Kumar getting stoned and wanting something to eat. Needless to say it’s no easy task to find a White Castle when you’re high. This one also spawned a sequel which, while decent, seemed a little forced in it’s approach. The original will always rank high in my book.

3. Half Baked (1998) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – Probably Dave Chappelle’s most memorable movie role, this movie follows 3 stoner roommates as they try to raise money to bail their “cop killer/kindergarten teacher” friend out of prison. They devise a plan to sell weed throughout New York City and soon find themselves being hunted by Sampson, the biggest dealer in New York. We watched this movie almost every nigh in college and it still holds up today as one of the greatest stoner movies of all time.

2. Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke (1978) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – If I had to name one movie as the Godfather of stoner movies it would have to be this one and Cheech and Chong would be the founders of the genre. These guys were smoking pot and making movies about it before anyone else and their movies still hold up to today’s standards. They released a bunch of stoner comedies over the years, but “Up In Smoke” is still the best. It’s a shame that the duo had a falling out for a while, but it’s nice to see that they are back together doing a stand-up tour and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get another movie out of them. These guys are truly the kings pot-comedy.

1a. Dazed and Confused (1993) (imdb) (Watch This Movie Instantly!) – While it was a toss up between Dazed and Confused and Up In Smoke, I ultimately had to side with Dazed. While it may not encompass as much pot use as Up In Smoke, I feel it’s an overall better movie. The movie follows the lives of a handful of high school and soon to be high school kids on their last day/night of school for the summer. Complete with beer busts and paddling, this movie encompasses everything I can imagine about high school in the 70’s. So while it may not be as laugh out loud funny as Up In Smoke, the well roundedness of the movie catapulted it above the rest of the pack. This is a true classic in the world of stoner movies and it would take a lot to remove it from it’s throne.

the big lebowski

1b. The Big Lebowski (1998) (imdb) – I really dropped the ball on this one, sorry guys. The Big Lebowski definitely deserves a spot at the top of this list and I apologize to everyone I offended by not putting it on here. It’s been years since I’ve seen the movie so it wasn’t fresh in my mind, nor do I really see it in the same vein as some of the other ones on the list, but ultimately it is a stoner movie and deserves to be included on this list. I hope this appeases “The Dude”.

Honorable Mentions

Reefer Madness (1936) (imdb) (Watch This Movie Instantly!) – At the time, this movie was made as a propaganda piece to try to get kids to stay away from Marijuana. It’s message is clear, marijuana will completely mess up your life. Now if you go back and watch it today this could be up there with some of the best stoner comedies, it’s just that ridiculous. If you haven’t seen this one I recommend giving it a quick watch.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) (imdb) (Watch movies instantly on your TV!) – I didn’t include this on the list because most of the pot use comes from one of the off center characters, Spicoli, played by Oscar Award Winning Actor Sean Penn. I will never take Sean Penn seriously in any role that he plays because he will never be as great as was as Spicoli.

So there you have it, my top 10 stoner movies. Did I miss one? Do you not agree with something? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@acslaterx)

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  • Kat

    Ever seen Evil Bong?

    • jaaaaah

      horrible movie

  • AC Slater

    Actually I have. I wrote about it on here a long time ago. I found it pretty dumb to be honest. I think I was a little upset that they marketed it as having Tommy Chong and then he was barely in it…


  • Nicki

    ive ben on multiple top 10-20 lists and no1 mention

    Dont be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood..
    what about that one mate

  • AC Slater

    Nicki: While it’s a decent movie, as far a spoof movies go, I don’t consider it to be a “stoner movie”. Honestly off the top of my head (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it so I could be wrong) I only recall the Grandma smoking pot in the movie… It’s more of a spoof on movies like Menace to Society, Boyz in the Hood, Higher Learner, Juice… none of which are really “stoner movies” in my book.

  • Andrew

    i would say this is one of the better lists ive seen. so thanks for making it, however i must say im shocked that i haven’t seen outside providence on any of the stoner movie lists. Its a stoner movie classic and in my opinion ts right up there with Dazed and Confused.

  • waaaaitaminute

    what about easy rider??? come on mannnn

  • Check out this brand new indie/low-budget stoner comedy action absurdist drama with some animation and a bunch of other cool !@#$.

  • Rhett

    Overall, I like the list, but I would have to agree with Andrew. Outside Providence needs to be on every stoner movie list. However, I have found it missing on most of the lists I have seen and many of the people I have mentioned the movie to have not seen it. The movie has to be one of the top 5 best stoner movies out there. It is based on the book by Peter Farrelly (yes, one of the Farrelly brothers who are responsible for such classics as Something about Mary and Dumb and Dumber). The movie has many great scenes including “the music horn”, smoking weed on campus through a 55-gallon drum hidden under a large tree, and the Drugs Delany letter (watch this scene on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZBd–uzE28 ). Also, the soundtrack it great and the movie has some heart. Alec Baldwin’s performance was excellent as always and this was my introduction to Amy Smart. I know I am rambling on, but too many people have not seen this movie. Stop what you are doing and go watch it right now.

    • AC Slater

      Stopping…. adding to Netflix… Thanks.

      • Rhett8379

        What was your verdict AC Slater about Outside Providence?

        • AC Slater

          To be completely honest, it was a busy summer and I haven’t really watch many movies in general. I’m bumping this one up to the top of my Netflix list as we speak and hopefully I’ll check it out this weekend. It figures the only weekend we don’t have anything planned is the holiday weekend, so I should have time to watch it.

          edit: and as I go to add it to the queue I’m informed that they don’t have it… I’ve saved it and I’ll see if I can find a copy locally.

  • strange wildnerness has to be on this lise….epic

    • AC Slater

      I went back and forth this one since I don’t know that it’s actually a “stoner” movie like a lot of the other ones. Sure, Justin Long and Steve Zahn both smoked in it, but it just didn’t seem like a stoner flick in the same vein as the others. I definitely should have put it as an honorable mention though, not sure why I didn’t at the time.

  • You can check out my own Top 10 Stoner Movies on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/04/top-10-stoner-movies-of-all-time.html Drop by for some cannabis-inspired art and other suggestions!

  • ezy

    lol how do you give a movie a “quick watch”?    ” I recommend giving it a quick watch.”

    • AC Slater

      I’m assuming you’re referring to “Reefer Madness”. The movie is about an hour long, so to me that’s a “quick watch”. It’s not a full length feature that will encompass an hour and a half to 2 hours of your time.

  • Rocko

    great list but i think you need to switch white castle and how high

  • I honorably mention Saving Grace, a UK film with Craig Ferguson.  More of a drama, but still very funny and one of the plots is growing pot to save Grace’s house.  And she does it WELL.

  • Guesticcus

    No Rolling Kansas, really? No giant weed oasis with Rip Torn bumming around being the bringer of sunshine and rainbows?

  • Popeye Doyle

    Dazed and confused is a shit film and doesn’t deserve a spot on this list.. maybe it should be called; ‘The Stoner films “I” consider to be the top ten’! More than half the films on this list are better than Dazed and confused!

    • AC Slater

      “… maybe it should be called; “The Stoner films “I” consider to be the tom ten’!”

      Well if you read the paragraph before the list starts you would have read: “Like the other lists on this site, this is my personal opinion so if you feel that I left something out or that something doesn’t deserve the credit I’m giving it, feel free to leave a comment.”

  • Danielr

    the big lebowsk???i….
    fear and loathing in las vegas???
    they deserve a place on this list…

    • Anonymous

      Fear And Loathing is kind of borderline stoner, because it focuses a lot more on the use of other awesome drugs. I agree wholeheartedly with the Big Lebowski though.

  • anonymouse

    everything here sucks except for cheech and chong
    seth rogan is a faggot

  • Dazedandconfused

    I completely agree that Dazed and Confused is the best. Richard Linklater is a goddamn genius.

  • Pembeezy

    SMILEYFACE with Anna Ferris, swear to you greatest stoner movie EVER!!!!!!

  • BC

    phone’s ringin’ dude.

  • stoner movie swag 

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  • T Nonuts

    i thought idle hands was a pretty dang good stoner movie

    • Wow, I can’t believe I forgot this one as a honorable mention. Not a great movie by any means, but I do enjoy watching it. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to update this list.

  • Kyle

    The fact that How High was directed by Bob Dylan’s son should help it’s case…

  • siobhon

    strange wilderness, yo.

  • Anonymous

    Joel and Ethan Coen’s masterpiece, The Big Lebowski… It has all the best elements of a good stoner flick without being *all* about getting stoned and looking for munchies.  I think this is a plus.  It is far and away the most quotable movie of all time, imho. 

  • Orena1


    The Dude: “Mind if I do one?”

  • Mazeandblue517

    you hit the nail on the head with number 1. How high deserves more crdit that #9 its a classic. i feel Up in Smoke was a lil over rated. its good just not quite #2 worthy. I am a little upset ive seen every movie on the list, i’m looking for films i havnt yet seen. but good list.

  • Frankiielovescats

    Where is Smiley Face?

  • Evil bong is far better then dazed and confused what a lame who wrote this list.

  • ffffffff

    Tenacious D 

  • Ginger

    COME ON  where’s the love for the ladies, Smiley Face! certainly better than knocked up, for realz.

    • You are not the first person to mention Smiley Face, I honestly just haven’t seen it. I think it’s on Netflix Streaming so I’ll definitely give it a watch soon. Thanks for the comment.

  • Atlanta

    you got it waaaay wrong. its big lebowski 1, half baked 2, dazed and confused 3, super troopers 4, and the rest. also caddyshack should be on there somewhere. honorable mention at least 

    • I’ll admit I dropped the ball with The Big Lebowski, but I don’t know that I’d really consider Caddyshack a stoner flick… A good comedy, yes, but not really a stoner movie in the same vein as the rest of these.

  • Kailow Krow

    LIMITLESS!! best drug action movie EVER 

  • Har

    Ridgemont high gets honorable mention and Dazed and confused gets top spot? Something is wrong here.

  • Steviemayne

    deuce bigalo european gigalo

  • Hugert Boatz

    Public Stoning is fun..yes

    -H.G. Boatz-

  • Stewart

    Bong water

  • boredcanadian

    No big lebowski? Really? You obviously made a list of what you think is a stoner movie without ever having smoked a bowl in our life. Ill tell you what a stoner movie is, its a movie that celebrates or romanticizes the effects of being high. Nothing embodies this more perfectly then the dude who just wants his rug maan…. your list is a fail. Lewboski is easily number 1, and you have left many other movies off the list. Its like you asked a bunch of 8th graders to name all the movies they think are cool…….

    • You’re not the first person to complain that The Big Lebowski isn’t on the list, believe me. I think the problem is it’s been too long since I’ve seen it, so I may have to go back and watch it again. What else have I left off the list that you felt should be included? Thanks for the comment man, the reason I make these lists is so that people complain that they are terrible and then offer me up new movies to watch that I may have missed, or maybe haven’t watched in a while, so post em up.

    • Napizram

      Wasn’t aware there was such thing as not being enough of a stoner to create a list about stoner movies. You’re retarded. A real stoner would look at this list and say, cool man, not fly into a rage. You’re the fake stoner. Go away.

  • Bob

    Dogs in Space……..

  • Lilmjm710

    Humboldt county is a great stoner movie. Its about a guy whose in med school and fails his last class to begin his residency( his father is the professor). He goes to this bar and meets this girl, ends up sleeping with her and she takes him to her hometown of humboldt county in california . The rest of the movie revolves around him entering the world of pot growing/smoking with her family , as he battles depression and tries to figure out what to do with his life. Not the funniest movie a little more on the serious side but definitley a good stoner flick.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll definitely check it out.

  • Hacktivist3

    NO! dazed & confused should NOT be first! half baked deserves the 1st spot.

  • hannah


  • Joe

    no big lebowski?  really?

    • The list has been amended, I take full responsibility for that screw up.

  • Norman

    The big lebowski is THE stoner movie.  Just because it doesn’t include such blatant idiotic high people like Pineapple Express does NOT mean it shouldn’t be number 1

    • It has been added to it’s rightful spot at #1. I definitely dropped the ball on that one…

  • You_Suck

    Pineapple Express was HORRIBLE!! Knocked up is a chic movie with some side dudes getting high!! Worst list ever. Fake stoners posting stoner lists is a crime against humanity. 

    • haha, to each his own man. Feel free to fill us in on your favorite Stoner movies since I’m “a fake stoner posting stoner lists…” The point of this list is for people to prove me wrong and spark debate, so post up your list.

      • Michael

        Don’t worry about that guy, apparently he doesn’t realize that this article is the author’s opinion. Honestly I loved Pineapple Express, I watched that and thought it was hilarious even before I started smoking weed.

  • Anonymous

    where is the film Smiley Face on your list dude? Fail. 

    • Others have commented on the lack of “Smiley Face” on the list, and honestly it’s cause I’ve never seen it. I’ve tried to sit down and watch it a few times since the suggestion was made, but I get sidetracked. I’ll definitely get around to watching it soon though. Thanks for the comment.

    • disqus_fAukjI2FPe

      that sucked ass

  • humbolt county,homegrown

  • the stoned age,friday,clerks,jay and sielnt bob,hesher,leaves of grass,saving grace,h&k go to guantanimo bay,eval bong,fear and loathing in las veges,puff puff pass,fritz the cat,any cheech and chong,bio dome,rolling kansass,refer madness,the wash,bongwater,dead man on campus,waiting,party animal,mall rats,KUSH,van wilder…their are mor but i tryed to stick with mostly what i didnt see here already

    • Friday is definitely on the list already. As for some of the others, I haven’t seen a lot of those so I couldn’t include them, but things like bio dome, van wilder, jay and silent bob, clerks, dead man on campus… they all have weed in them, but the main focus isn’t really about getting high. Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke is already on the list and while some of the other ones are ok, I didn’t feel they deserved a spot on the list. And as for H & K Guantanamo Bay…. definitely not as good as the 1st and didn’t deserve a spot in the top 10. Refer Madness got an honorable mention at the bottom.

  • !!!O!!! and any national lampoons movie

  • Fuffer99

    Rolling Kansas?!

    • Never seen it…. Will add it to my list of movies to check out, thanks.

  • Kit Simpson

    Interesting point about the definition of a stoner film…..when i read the list description i immediately thought “holy mountain”  “fear and loathing” “brazil” “a perfect place” (last one not so much..)

    but i guess these are trippy films. not stoner. IMO trippy>stoner….

    But can’t lie, Love fast times, dazed and confused and big lebowski…

    • I haven’t seen “Brazil” or “A Perfect Place”, but to me “Fear and Loathing” would be more of a “trippy” film than the ones on this list, which is why I didn’t include it. I see stoner movies as mainly weed based and with more of a fun feel to them. I guess the title could have be “Top 10 Stoner Comedy Movies” instead of just stoner movies, but I think most people get that. Thanks for the comment… and the movie recommendations.

      • I strongly reccommend both Brazil and A Perfect Place, on top of Natural Born Killers, Blow, Perfect Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 5th Element, The Fountain… 

        No offence, just an observation, but (although i really do appreciate the list and the efforts in putting it together) this is a very American perspective of what a “stoner” film is. 

        Yet… How high at Nr. 9? Under Pinapple Express and Grandma’s Boy?

        Thanks again for the list!

        • 5th Element and The Fountain as stoner films? I think we have a different definition fo “stoner film” 😛 Thanks for the comment

  • Foxholdin

    All “best of” lists should from here forward be known as “My favorites” list. 

    • I tried to convey that in the opening paragraph, but “My Favorite Stoner Movies” in the title doesn’t read nearly as well as “Top 10 Stoner Movies”, nor does it do much for traffic 😉

  • Hayley Sargent

    Aww no Smiley Face? One of the best stoner movies out there. 

    • Nope

      I disagree…it made me scared to smoke again.

  • Mellowhippy17

    I haven’t seen these movies in so long!  This makes me want to see ’em again

  • Batman

    Big lewbowski sucks.

    • Angus

       you motherfucker…

    • Pot Fiend

      You must take it up the ass, batman

    • CJ Knecht

      Shitface. I just wanted to get in on the name calling….

  • Katie420

    you have to check out Reefer Madness: the movie musical!! its a parody of the original reefer madness, but in a fun and crazy musical format. im into musicals normally, but even my not so theatrically inclined friends were laughing hysterically at the movie. and Kristen Bell in her best role ever!! it may not be a top ten, but its all about the ganj and the governmental propaganda surrounding it. 
    check it out:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404364/


  • CJ Knecht

    You forgot “I Got Five On It,” “I Got Five On It Too,” “Evil Bong,” “Smiley Face,” and too many more to list….