TJ Miller

tj miller

For some reason I feel like TJ Miller is an extremely under rated comedian and I felt the need to post up a video of him on Conan. If you’re unfamiliar with TJ Miller he was the guy behind the camera in “Cloverfield”… obviously that doesn’t help since he was behind the camera most of the time, but I did feel that his lack of intelligence in the flick made him one of the most enjoyable characters. He was also in some other things like “Extract”, “Get Him To The Greek”, “Unstoppable” and “Yogi Bear”, but I think his stand out role, so far, has to be his character Stainer in “She’s Out of My League”. He’s an extremely funny dude and I hope he gets some more comedic roles in the future… find some of his stand up stuff on YouTube, but also check out the video from Conan above, particularly his DMV joke… and stay through the end of the video for the payoff.

And here’s the audition tape he sent to Warner Bros. when trying to get a role as a ranger in the Yogi Bear movie. Apparently this was after he had already auditioned twice and was really just a way to help him stand out… I’d say it worked considering he got the part.