This Is 40 Blu-Ray Review

Marriage can be tough. I personally have no first hand knowledge, but I am assuming by all the responsibilities like kids and mortgages and lack of sex, that its not just a walk in the park. For Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann), married life is beginning to lose its luster a bit. Both seem to be at each others throats over their failing businesses, granted neither know this is happening. Rudds’ record label is on the verge of going broke, forcing him to take a shot in the dark on a band from back in the day on their reunion record. Along with this dilemma, Pete is also supporting his money leeching father (Albert Brooks) and his billion kids. Debbie, secretly having the same issues, is struggling to keep her clothing store open. Along with this, she has also noticed that her business is coming up short on the count, putting her into sleuth mode. After questioning one of her workers, she comes to the conclusion that the very attractive Desi (Megan Fox) is the culprit. After further investigation she finally finds out the truth.

Along with the money issues, another secret is being concealed, the fact that Debbie is suddenly pregnant. Of course this was an unplanned pregnancy, being that they already have enough to worry about and also two wonderful children; 13 year old Sadie (Maude Apatow) and 8-year old Charolette (Iris Apatow). This being said, Debbie is also nearing her 40th birthday, sparking all sorts of questions in her brain (there is definitely another “would you f me” type scene) about whether or not the two can keep their marriage fresh and exciting.

You do get to see some reprisal roles from funny guy Jason Sigel as well as new and upcoming Melissa McCarthy. Of course a lot of these situations have nothing to do with the story, but are none the less pretty damn funny “shorts”. The story was pretty funny at times, but also seemed to drag on. It was a little over 2.5 hours, which for a comedy is pretty unheard of. The usage of his daughters was pretty spot on. The two girls had some pretty funny appearances and seemed to be like big screen seasonal vets. The one thing that really stands out to me was the chemistry between Mann and Rudd. The two just seem to really feed off each other quite well, giving the viewer a realistic yet hilarious insight. Oh yeah, and the scene with Rudd trying to look at his own ass/taint with his iPhone, yet gross, was a pretty funny scene.


The 1080p video transfer from Universal is definitely a work of art. The colors are nice and crisp. The details are superior along with the detail. There are seemingly no artifacts or blurring. The noise is very minimal, though can be seen on some scenes. Overall, the video is prefect. The above things are very unnoticeable, unless you are actually looking for them. 5/5


The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track seems to fit this type of movie pretty well. You really do not get much usage out of your rear channels, but it does not ruin the viewers enjoyment. The voices are nice and clear and never do you ever wonder what someone is saying. As stated, the rear channels get a little play, but only the scene with the concert does the viewer get fully emerged into the sound. 4/5

Special Features

R-Rated and Unrated Cuts: Blu-ray has two versions on it: the Theatrical and the Unrated “Extended” cut.

Audio Commentary: An interview with the write/director Judd Apatow, giving the viewer a deep look into the creation of this film.

Deleted, Extended and Alternate Scenes: Deleted scenes: “Post Graham Concert,” “Video Chat with Joseph,” “Do It,” “Dining with Barry & Barb,” “Serious Contest,” “Vaccinations,” “Billie Joe,” “Eels,” “Comforting Sadie,” “Pete Scouts Bands,” “Pete Scouts Band Elle King,” “Jodi & Ronnie in Kitchen” and “New Baby.” Extended & Alternate Scenes: “Barry & Pete in Coffee Shop,” “Unfiltered: Phone Issues & Gout,” “Kids Watch TV: Shark,” “Eastern Doctor,” “Accountant,” “Bird Spotting,” “Alt Argument,” “Barry 7 Pete Get Coffee” and “Desi: You Look Like.”

The Making of This Is 40: a behind the scenes look with the cast and crew.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross: An interview with Apatow.

Kids on the Loose 3: A piece with Papa directing his kids in this 3rd installment.

Long Emotional Ride: Graham Parker and the Rumour unite!

The Music: Some performances from Graham Parker and the Rumour as well as Ryan Adams.

This Is Albert Brooks: A piece on Albert with Apatow and the crew/cast.

Line-O-Rama & Brooks-O-Rama: Alternate dialogue

Gag Reels: Outtakes.

Biking with Barry: Robert Smigel

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog: Robert Smigel’s raunchy puppet

Bodies By Jason: Commercial with Jason Segel

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Overall a pretty solid movie. Yes it was a bit long, which took away a few points, but I think it really hits the nail on the head in the reality department. Yes its Apatow, and yes people expect it to be gut wrenching, but it had a nice balance between funny and serious. I think it was aimed at a more older crowd, like myself (not really old but 30’s feels old). If you are a fan of the Apatow franchise you will definitely enjoy this. Even if you aren’t, I would recommend a view. 4/5