“The Three Stooges” Blu-Ray Review

the three stooges blu-ray review

Before I even put the disc in I had a bad feeling about “The Three Stooges”. Since the movie came out in theaters, the reviews have not been so great, so my expectations were set extremely low. Unfortunately even with my expectations so low, the film was still pretty terrible. Most people know the Three Stooges as ridiculous brothers who poke, punch and prod each other while making over the top gestures and reactions. Their slapstick style of comedy was extremely popular back in the 30’s/40’s and lasted all the way up into the 70’s. But with anything that was popular back in those days, it’s hard to make them appeal to kids these days… especially hard when you’re dealing with the slapstick comedy of The Three Stooges.

The movie follows the boys from the time they are dropped off at the orphanage as babies all the way up to adult hood. Nobody will adopt the three brothers because of the way they act, so they end up living at the orphanage until they are adults. They are only forced to leave once they are informed that because of all the medical expenses the orphanage has incurred, due to the stooges irresponsibility, they owe $830,000. So in order to save the orphanage, Moe, Larry and Curly set out to get jobs to try and raise the money. The plot is just absurd and I understand that the Stooges are supposed to be these dumb, naive, man-children, but this is just too ridiculous for me. Once the plot depended on the cast of The Jersey Shore, I was done. I actually almost did not finish the movie, but stuck it out just so I could write this review. I will say that the acting by the Stooges themselves is not horrible. They play the roles they were meant to play very well, but that doesn’t make the flick any better.

I can’t recommend buying this one, but if you’re the slight bit curious go ahead and rent it. Oh, and if you’re looking forward to seeing Kate Upton in that little bikini from the trailers, that scene doesn’t come until the very end, and it’s just about as long as the scene in the trailer. You’re better off just heading over to google images and searching for her. So pass on this one and go back and watch the old TV show if you really want to get a taste of The Three Stooges.


Probably the highlight of the blu-ray itself is the video and audio quality. Everything is spot on here with the video coming to us in 1.85:1 ratio, AVC Mpeg-4 Codec and the audio DTS-HD 5.1. There are no issues with the transfer in terms of audio and video, but like I said above, the movie itself is what’s lacking.

Special Features

There are actually quite a few special features jammed on this disc. I don’t know if they were trying to make up for the lackluster flick itself, or what, but there’s a little bit of everything included here.

Deleted/Extended Scenes clock in at around 9 minutes with nothing really special going on. There’s nothing here that would have made the movie more enjoyable to me.

Behind the Scenes is about 5 minutes long as follows the Farrelly brothers as they go through some of the things that made the movie making process so difficult. Going along with the Behind the Scenes theme we have, Did you Hear That? Special Effects and Screen Test. The special effects featurette is exactly what you would think it is, where as the screen test is more of a filming of a scene to see how the 3 actors played off each other.

Perfect! Casting the Three Stooges comes in at about 9 minutes long and talks about what went in to finding the perfect Three Stooges. You may remember at one point that Jim Carrey, Benicio Del Toro and Sean Penn were tapped to play the lead roles… obviously that didn’t happen, but this gives you a look at the 3 characters and actors.

Three Stooges Mash-Up is a 3 minute, uh, mash-up, of different “stooges” moments from the flick and deleted scenes. I didn’t really get much out of this one, but you may enjoy it…

What’s The Big Idea is my favorite feature on the disc, but definitely left me wanting more. This featurette takes a look at some of the history of The Three Stooges through the years. I love when there’s history involved with a project and what has more history than The Three Stooges. I really wish this featurette was a bit longer, but I’ll take what I can get.

Unfortunately as a film, I can’t recommend this, but if you’re a huge fan of The Three Stooges and this kind of slapstick comedy, you may find some humor in it.

the three stooges blu-ray review