“The Raid: Redemption” Review

the raid redemption review


“The Cabin in the Woods” on Tuesday and “The Raid: Redemption” on Wednesday… now all I need is a good comedy movie to go see in the theater tonight. I heard “American Reunion” wasn’t horrible…

“The Raid” is a mixture of action, comedy, puppies, kittens and flowers… as long as you ripped the head off the kittens, shot the puppies and stomped on all the flowers, leaving nothing but a river of blood and stomped out flowers. This movie is balls-to-the-wall action for almost its entire runtime. I was expecting some backstory to build up in the beginning which would then lead the police to raid the apartment building, but I was wrong. Within the first 3 minutes we’re in a truck on the way to storm the castle. Sorry, I guess I should explain a little of what the movie is about. A group of 20 or so police officers are sent in to raid an apartment building controlled by a notorious crime boss. All of the tenants in the building are loyal to the boss and will protect him at all costs, because he protects them. When the police arrive they must fight their way up to the 15th floor to take down the kingpin and that’s it. The entire movie takes place within the apartment building and it’s literally non-stop action for the entire time… and I loved every minute of it.

Movies like “The Expendables” try to claim that it’s non-stop action, but then they show you all the good action scenes in the trailer so when you get to the theater you leave disappointed… “The Raid” is anything but disappointing. Once the action gets going it really never slows down. There are a few tense moments when the police are being hunted through the hallways and rooms in the building and a couple short slow-downs in order to set the story a little better, to give it an actual plot, but compared to the amount of gunfire and hand-to-hand fighting, those scenes go by quick. And don’t worry, just because some of the fight scenes are long, they don’t feel drawn out like the fight scene in “They Live”. These are creative and masterfully done. I never knew there were so many ways to punch a person or slam them into a wall or table.

I know what you’re probably saying now, “That sounds awesome Mr. Slater, but the movie has subtitles, I hate reading movies”. Well, my response to that would be, man up you pussy. Yeah there are subtitles, yeah you’ll have to read a bit to know what’s going on, but, like I’ve been saying, the movie is mostly action from beginning to end, so there’s really not a whole lot of dialogue you need to read. Don’t miss out on an incredible movie just because you don’t like reading movies… that’s a lame excuse.

I don’t know what else I can say about this movie without repeating myself. If you’re looking for a good action flick that really takes you on a ride, then you’re going to want to check out “The Raid: Redemption”. I honestly can’t think of an action movie in the last 10 years that even compares…