The Hangover Part 2 Mini Review

the hangover part 2 mini review

Finally got a chance to check out The Hangover Part II yesterday after all of our Memorial Day plans had ended and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. If you’ve read my “Top 30 Comedy Movies of the last decade” post then you know that I’m a big fan of “The Hangover” so it should be no surprise that I liked the 2nd one also, considering it’s pretty much the exact same movie.

This time around it’s Stu getting married to Lauren, played by Jamie Chung. The whole wolfpack is invited out to Thailand to celebrate and despite all attempts not to invite him, Alan ends up going as well. So if you’ve seen the first one you pretty much know what happens after that. The group heads to the beach for a celebratory beer the night before the big day and they make sure this time that the beers are sealed until each one of them opens them, as to not get drugged again, but of course something still goes wrong. The group wakes up in a seeded Bangkok hotel with no recollection of what happened the night before and this time, instead of Doug missing it’s Lauren’s little brother Teddy. So they set out to figure out what happened the night before by following clues and talking to people that they may have ran into the night before… like I said, exactly the same plot, but I thought it worked pretty well.

This is exactly what I wanted from a “Hangover” sequel, more of “The Hangover”. I will say that it seemed like they were trying to make it a little more over-the-top this time, but I think it still worked to a point. So I can see why some people may have been disappointed in the movie, but if you’ve watched any of the trailers it’s pretty obvious that it’s the exact same story, just on another level. I actually hope they do one more with Alan getting married, I think that would be pretty funny and wrap up the series nicely since he’s the only single one left. And instead of them losing a member of the wolfpack they some how end up losing his bride to be. I mean, considering the movie made a ridiculous amount of money this weekend I think that one more may be in the works for sure, but after that they should just shut it down.

So overall I thought it was good, a little ridiculous at times, but still a good, funny flick that I will definitely pick up when it hits blu-ray.

So who else saw the movie this weekend? What did you think?