The Girl With All the Gifts Review

I have been waiting for a good zombie type movie to come out for a long time. Lionsgate’s The Girl With All The Gifts delivers just what I have desperately been looking for in that genre. This feature stars Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace), Paddy Considine (Bourne Ultimatum) and Glen Close (Fatal Attraction). I was also pleased to see that Dominique Tipper (The Expanse TV) was in it, albeit only for a short period of time…

We start out in an army base in England where a group of children are strapped into wheelchairs. The children are being taught by a woman whom seems to be fond of them, and vice versa. The teacher crosses the line when she touches one of the children, without really knowing what their diagnosis is. This starts the bond between our lead hungry, played by Sennia Nanua and the teacher. After a few scenes that go from classroom to “bedroom”, all hell breaks lose. We get to see the full potential of what these kids are carrying around inside of them.

The world has been destroyed by a fungal disease that only a small group of children, the ones at the base for example, are immune to. This fungal disease turns the victims into flesh eating zombies, or as they refer to them in the movie, Hungries. This disease affects the olfactory senses which causes the hungries to pursue their prey. In one instance, we see our girl walk through, with our band of survivors, a large group of these nasties with a reaction from them. We also learn that when multiple hungries come together they create a vegetation, which in return creates these sporangium. If one of these sporangium were to crack open, it would be the end of the world. This vegetation growth is considered phase two of the infection.

There were lots of gruesome scenes in this movie, but nothing that was over the top in my opinion. In one scene we see a soldier go off on his own, only to be led into a trap by a group of kids, who in return turn him into a hallow corpse. The girl is seem eating animals along the way in order to keep herself grounded. This movie really reminded me of a 28 Days Later, which has been the consensus on comparison to others like it.

The movies format is in 1080p High Definition 16×9 widescreen. The colors were that of a brownish orange giving it that feeling of a doomed world. It was magnificently created to give you that feeling, which helped with the suspense along the way. The sound came out crisp and clear and sounded great on my surround sound. Theres something about a group of kids running around chomping that creeps you out when you don’t know where its coming from. There was not much in terms of special features, but it includes a featurette that takes you into the world where this movie takes place.

Overall I really liked this movie, and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the need for a good zombie type suspense thriller. This flick comes out April 25, 2017.

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