The Collector

When I first heard that there was a new horror movie out called The Collector I immediately thought it was going to be another movie based on the book by John Fowles, but this was not the case. Actually, the book is one of my favorite books to this day, but that could be because I don’t read a whole lot of actual books. It’s a story of a guy that collects butterflies, but decides that he wants to “collect” a girl that he’s been obsessed with and lock her in his basement. The first half of the book is his point of view and the second half of the book is what the girl wrote in journals while she was locked in the basement. It’s a very good book and I highly recommend checking it out if that sounds like your cup of tea. And while there is a movie called The Collector made back in 1965 based on the book, this current “The Collector” is not based on the book at all, although it does have to do with “collecting” people in a way, kind of.

The movie is written by  Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan who have also written the last couple installments in the SAW franchise as well as the FEASTs movies. Dunstan actually takes the directors chair for this one as well. So based on those 2 guys alone you should have a pretty good idea of what this movie is going to entail, lots of blood and gore, fast cuts and an industrial soundtrack. I’ve heard rumors that this movie was originally written as a prequel to the SAW movies, but the producers of those wanted to take the franchise in a different direction and didn’t use this script, which Melton and Dunstan then turned into this film.

The movie is about a guy who need to pay off a loan shark that his wife borrowed money from. With the deadline looming and not enough money coming in, Arkin decides that today is the day he’s going to break into the house of the jeweler he’s been casing for months in an attempt to steal a large uncut stone from the safe. Little does he know that someone has already broken into the house before he gets there and has taken the family hostage and placed booby traps all over the house.

There may be some spoilers from here on out, just a warning.

Now don’t get me wrong, I thought the movie was actually really good, but there were some things that just didn’t really make sense to me. For one, why would the “collector”, as I’ll refer to him as, set booby traps in the house? The homeowners were clearly already subdued and not really going anywhere and he had no idea that someone else was going to be breaking into the house that night, so why take the time to set all these traps? And some of these weren’t just simple traps either. Sure there were the typical bear traps on the floor and stuff like that, but acid on the floor, nails through floorboards of stairs, fish hooks hanging from the ceiling, come on… it would have taken the dude hours to set that up, and for what purpose? And how come the acid didn’t eat through the floor like it ate through the shoes and the cat?

So there were a few plot holes and a few things that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, but overall this was a great modern horror movie. It was full of squeamish moments that I even had a hard time watching and I love these types of movies. There’s something about fingers and teeth that always seem to get me. The tension never really stops once Arkin breaks into the house and the flow of the movie was perfect. Everything plays out in [almost] real-time and it never really cuts away to any sort of side story outside of the house. Once Arkin is in the house, you are too, and you get just as frustrated as he does as he tries to help the family as well as himself, escape the Collector.

If you’re a fan of movies like SAW, Hostel and the other sort of “torture porn” horror movies that have been coming out lately, you’ll definitely like this one. If you’re not a fan of blood, guts, and some brutal scenes, then I would definitely stay away from The Collector.

Did anyone else check this one out? Let me know what you thought.