“The Amazing Spider-Man” Trailer Actually Looks Good!

the amazing spider-man emma stone andrew garfield

[youtube id=”-tnxzJ0SSOw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

I was skeptical, just like a lot of people, when they said they were rebooting Spider-Man after the original cast decided they were done, but this trailer actually looks pretty slick. Andrew Garfield (Social Network) plays Peter Parker this time around and Emma Stone (Zombieland) plays Gwen Stacy, rounding out the cast are Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Rhys Ifans and Denis Leary. It also seems like the movie is taking a slightly more serious approach than the Sam Raimi ones, but there’s still a hint of fun mixed in there. And I have to comment on the fact that Emma Stone looks amazing as a blonde. We were actually just discussion whether she’s hot or not, some of my friends feel that she is and others, like me, don’t think she’s ugly, but she’s not the most attractive girl in Hollywood. However, this trailer has brought me on the Emma Stone bandwagon as she looks amazing. Keep in mind I’ve said nothing about her acting, which is really what we should be focusing on, cause she’s actually quite good, but this is Hollywood, you don’t have to be a good actor to be in movies.

So check out the latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man and let us know what you think.