Sucker Punch Review

I’ve been following “Sucker Punch” for months now and couldn’t wait to get to the theater to check it out. What more could you want in a movie, it has hot chicks, over-the-top ridiculous action scenes, cool special effects and that Zack Snyder touch. While that might seem like everything you’d need in a movie, the story is lacking a little bit, but I don’t think the audience for this movie is going to care too much.  I know most of the reviews floating around from the “reputable” movie critics are calling the movie a huge pile of shit, but honestly, they are not the target audience for a movie like this. If you enjoy video games, fast action and lack of depth in a story then this is for you… and you know what, sometimes you just need a movie like that and this is that movie.

Despite all the bad reviews I read yesterday I was still excited to check it out and it was exactly as I expected. The story itself was all over the place, but I didn’t think it was that hard to follow or figure out, it just jumped around a bit and never really explained itself, but I didn’t go see this movie for the story. The main reason I have been excited about this flick is the visuals and they did not disappoint at all. The movie was extremely loud, the action was completely ridiculous and amazing and the girls looked good… That being said, story aside, the acting wasn’t the greatest and the writing was a little off, but again, not the reason I went to see this movie.

So to keep this short and to the point, don’t listen to the reviews, even this one. If the trailers look like something you’d enjoy then you probably will because that’s exactly what the movie is. Don’t go in expecting an amazing story, writing or acting because you’re not going to find it here.

So those of you that have seen it, what did you think? Was it what you were expecting or did you find it just as terrible as the critics?