Star Trek Impressions

I am by no means a Star Trek fan, I can honestly say that I have never seen an entire movie or even an episode of the show. Despite not being a true fan of the series I decided to check out the new movie anyways as I am a fan of JJ Abrams and the trailers made it seem like a straight up sci-fi action movie, and thats basically what I got.

I enjoyed most of the movie and I think both my non-Trekkie friends did as well. There was a lot of good action sequences and for someone that knows nothing about Stat Trek I wasnt completely lost with anything that was going on. I was very aware of the different quotes used in the movie to give fans of the originals a little fun, but other than that I didnt feel like this was something old being brought to a new life. Obviously its a reboot of the series so it goes back to the beginning and tells an entirely different storyline. The only thing I didnt enjoy was that it felt like muppet babies in the sense that I know who the original characters are/were and so when I saw this movie and they were al younger kids, it gave me the same feeling as watching muppet babies. This wasnt necessarily a bad thing, just different and took some getting used to. I though the effects were good but there may have been a few too many lens flairs. Some people complained about the shaky cam stuff but it didnt bother me too much.

Overall I think both fans of the originals and peple who have never seen anything related to Star Trek will find this movie enjoyable and entertaining.