Sin City A Dame to Kill for

So while I was cleaning up my room today, I came across my Sin City graphic novel set and thought, “where the hell is Sin City 2???”. Sin City was written by Frank Miller, and released by Dark Horse Comics, whom we have been doing some reviews for. So of course I went to my source,, and did a search, and boom there it was. It has a release date and everything, which is October 4, 2013. As you may or may not know, some of the casting had to be changed. With the shocking deaths of Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan, the character Manute was re-casted to Dennis Haysbert (24, The Unit), and Shelly is unknown, at least on Both were pretty damn good actors and will be missed. Another new face that we will see is Jaime Chung, whom I know AC loves, as the character of Miho. Devon Aoki was Miho in the flick made 7 years ago, but her pregnancy at the beginning of production forced Rodriguez to recast her character as well.

If you have read the graphic novels, you will know this story revolves mainly around the character of Dwight McCarthy, played by Clive Owen. He ends up saving a prostitute from one of her customers, whom actually turns out to be the one he is investigating. He then receives a call from Ava, whom had broken his heart some time back, and is asked to meet her at Kadies’ bar. Here is when we get reintroduced to Marv, played by Mickey Rourke as well as the other inhabitants of the seedy pub. Ava pleads with him to take her back, but of course Dwight is in no mood to listen to her pleas. We also get introduced to the tough guy Manute, whom is Ava’s husbands valet. After some nude swimming, peeping Tom stuff and some “arriving home to find a naked woman in your bed”, Dwight is determined to get Ava back, after being brutally beaten by Manute. He enlists Marv to help him out and they go on a mission to Old Town to retrieve the troubled maiden.

So what do you all think? Will this one be as good or better than the first one? We do get to see all of or at least most of the characters from the first one, even the ones that were killed off! A lot of other things come together as well, for instance, Dwight having a new face. I know its a long ways away, but I am really hoping this turns out good. I hope Robert stays with the same style as the first one. It painted a nice dark picture of how Old Town and its surrounding cities are. Besides, its called Sin City. Its supposed to be dark. So chime in if you want. Curious to hear your ideas/thoughts/theories.