SAW 3D Review

I’m a big fan of the SAW series, I have been ever since the first one. I found the 2nd and the 5th to be the worst in the series, but as far as the rest of them I generally liked them.  So now that you know how I feel about these movies, let’s talk about SAW 3D. First of all, as I’ve said a million times before, I hate 3D. I don’t think it needed to be in this movie and I don’t think it really added anything to the movie. Sure there were a few times where blood and guts flew towards the camera and it was fine, but there was no reason the story needed 3D.

The movie itself was decent. It wasn’t my favorite of the SAW movies, but it wasn’t my least favorite. I would say it ranks up there with 3 and 4. I was a little disappointed with the acting and, to a degree, the actual plot itself. For some reason the actors lines felt very forced and some of them were just downright terrible. I really didn’t care for the guy that played Gibson and even some of Betsy Russell’s lines seemed off to me. Surprisingly Cary Elwes wasn’t nearly as bad as he was in the original SAW, but he’s not on screen as much as he was then so there’s less chance for him to overact.

As for the storyline, it seemed a little too familiar to SAW 3. The main aspect of the story follows a guy as he tries to save different people from different traps. Obviously the reasoning behind why those people, and himself, are there is different than the other movies, but it’s still familiar. I was also a little confused as to what the point of the opening trap was… Usually the SAW movies come full circle and tie everything together at the end, but unless I missed something the trap was just kind of pointless. I guess once Hoffman took things over and started going rogue, things started to become more random as opposed to connected to Jigsaw’s life.

As for the traps, they seemed a little too over-the-top this time. In the beginning it was believable that Jigsaw could have put these things together on his own, or with the help of the few accomplices he ends up with in the end, but some of the things that were setup in this movie were pretty ridiculous. Some of them were interesting, but most of them just lacked something and I’m not sure what it was.

Overall the movie was just ok… Not the best entry into the series, but not the worst. And even though it claims to be the final entry in the series, I don’t know that they could just leave it like that. I did like the ending and thought that it did a fairly decent job of wrapping things up, but between the bad acting and 3D, there was just something left to be desired.