Rob Dyrdek’s Street Dreams

Rob Dyrdek Street Dreams

Professional skater, Rob Dyrdek, has been all over MTV the past few years with successful shows like Rob & Big and Fantasy Factory, but not everyone knows that he produced and starred in a movie called Street Dreams. The movie just recently came out on DVD after sitting around for a while trying to find distribution, but the wait is over and you can now get the movie on DVD at Wal-Mart (yes, it’s exclusive). I picked up a copy the other day and finally got a chance to check it out last night and it’s not a bad little flick.

The movie follows amateur skater Derreck Cabrera, played by Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez, as he deals with the pressures of trying to get sponsored as well as his failing grades and his parents. His friend Troy, played by Rob Dyrdek, is already sponsored by a skate team and hates the fact that Derreck is stealing the spotlight from him. Ryan Dunn, Terry Kennedy and Adam Wylie also star as Derreck’s friends. Aside from the main characters there are plenty of other pro skaters thrown in the mix like a young Ryan Sheckler.

If you like skateboarding and movies about skateboarding you’ll enjoy the movie. It’s definitely lower budget, but it doesn’t take away from anything. Some of the acting is a little amateur, but these guys aren’t actually actors in the typical sense of the word, so I’ll cut them a little slack. The movie almost reminded me of Bam Margera’s movie Haggard in a way, but that could just be because they are both low budget movies that feature skateboarding and Ryan Dunn. Speaking of Ryan Dunn, I don’t know if he ad-libed a lot or if his lines were actually written into the script like that, but he was hysterical throughout most of the film. He was probably my favorite character throughout the whole thing. My least favorite character was Rob’s character. Obviously they wanted you to hate the guy because he was a prick to everyone, but I was a bit disappointed in his acting abilities. I thought he was good in the bit role he had in Righteous Kill, but I just couldn’t get into his performance in this one.

Overall, if you enjoy skateboarding and movies that deal with skateboarding, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie. It does a pretty good job of portraying the life of a street skater and some of the problems that they deal with whether it’s problems with family accepting the fact that you’re a skateboarder or cutting the knobs off of a rail… it’s all here. I’m glad the movie finally got released to DVD and I hope Rob and company get back together to put out something else. I think there’s a lot of talent there that hasn’t been tapped yet and I think with the right people and maybe a few better actors, they could really throw together something great.