“Roadracers” Blu-Ray Review

roadracers blu-ray review

Tonight I had the pleasure of watching the Miramax’s blu-ray release of the high octane movie entitled Roadracers , directed by the well-known and well-respected director of such movies as, Sin City and Planet Terror, Mr. Robert Rodriguez. If you do not know who this man is, I suspect either you live under a rock or you do not enjoy visually stunning action/horror films. At any rate, this movie stars some pretty well known actors such as, David Arquette (Scream series, Muppets From Space), Selma Hayek (Desperado (purrr), From Dusk Till Dawn), John Hawkes (Deadwood, American Gangster, Eastbound and Down) and Mr. William Sadler (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile). So lets dive into this baby!

“Roadracers” is a 1994 film about a 1950’s bad boy rocker named Dude (played by Arquette) with a sharp tongue and very attractive girlfriend Donna (played by Hayek). This film is full of rocking oldies music, slicked back hair (as well as burnt hair), hotrods and sketchy people. Dude’s antics catch up to him when he drag-races the local town boy, which is the result of Dude burning Teddy’s (Jason Wiles) girlfriends hair leaving her bald. It’s actually quite a funny scene. Well this really makes Teddy angry and he is hell bent to get revenge on Dude, as well as Teddy’s father, who goes by the name of Sarge (William Sadler). The beef between Sarge and Dude is much deeper then just the burning incident. This causes a small town rivalry that can only end in blood shed.


The video comes at you in high definition 1080p, which actually looks pretty good for a high def. transfer, being as I stated above that this was a movie from 1994. As that may be, you do not see any artifacts or unwanted blocking. The tones seem very soft from a distance but up close have a pretty good detail, for a transfer. I have seen worse blu-ray transfers, this one by no means is gorgeous, with is lack of colors (it might have been that way to give it that gritty 50’s look?), but all in all it gets a pretty decent grade. 4/5


The audio comes at you in 5.1 DTS. It sounds pretty good, but it’s not gonna blow your speakers out. The voices sound pretty good when there is not any music or surrounding noises going on, then it kind of sounds hallow. The music definitely comes at you pretty clear and without much muffling. I know I have played this out, but being that its from ’94, the lossless track is pretty decent over all. Like I said, it is not going to blow your speakers out, or shake your house, but I respect the transfer quality. 3.5/5

Special Features

This blu-ray contains very few special features, but the one they do include, Ten Minute Film School: The Making of a Degenerate Hot Rod Flick is a pretty neat look into the filming and creating of this movie, as by Robert Rodriguez himself. It gives you a a great respect for the man, as he is able to create such great movies on low budgets and minimal time. The other special feature on this disc is an audio commentary track, in which he discusses this movie (Roadracers) and El Mariachi and how they differed in shot time, budget and cast. I did not really expect too many special features, but those that want to get an in depth look at how Mr. Rodriguez does what he does will enjoy these. 3.5/5

This movie was actually pretty damn funny. Between the over usage of hair grease, and the burning hair incident, one might think that Rodriguez had a hair fetish! The casting for this movie I thought was spot on. The characters were perfect and well executed by this all-star cast! Along with the great acting, you get a highly intense skate chase! This movie definitely had me laughing out loud at quite a few scenes and at 94 minutes and a low price tag, I would recommend this to any fan of Robert Rodriguez’s. 4/5

Roadracers blu-ray review