Quarantine is exactly what I was expecting, [rec] in English. Yes, Quarantine is a remake of a Spanish film that came out a few years ago. When I first heard about [rec] I knew that I had to find a copy. Luckily I was able to download it, which also sucks cause I actually wanted to purchase it, but the Spanish DVD wasn’t out yet. So I found the only DVD player in the house that would play a pal DVD and checked it out.

And to say I was surprised would be an understatement. I loved everything about the movie. I was a big fan of The Blair Witch Project when it first came out and to this day I still enjoy the 1st person camera view when used in movies. Cloverfield, Cannibal Holocaust and others are amongst my favorite movies due to the way they immerse you into the movie by using the camera to put you right in the action. [rec] quickly became one of my favorite movies…. and then I heard they were remaking it for a US audience…. great.

I’m not a fan of remaking foreign movies for the US audience. Most of the time the story lines are changed, things are dumbed down because Hollywood doesn’t think people will understand it, and sometimes things are completely different. However, I don’t mind when they bring foreign movies here and dub them or change the dialogue a bit, like High Tension for example. It’s just things like The Grudge, Pulse, The Uninvited (aka A Tale of Two Sisters as it’s known in Asia) and stuff like that. So needless to say, I was a little worried that this movie I had come to love was going to get destroyed in order for Hollywood to make money off of it. And I was especially worried when I had heard that the ending would be different. 

The one thing I had is when they change the overall ending in these remakes. I understand having different things lead up to an ending, but that ending should ultimately come to the same conclusion as the original. Obviously the ending fit in with the rest of the story otherwise the writer would not have written it that way. A great example is The Descent, which I feel is one of the best horror movies in the last 10 years. The ending was changed for US audiences in that the main character actually escaped from the caves in the end. Where in the original, the escape was just a hallucination and she is actually still trapped, which I thought was a much better ending.  Now I don’t know what the reason behind changing the end was, but you can catch The Descent 2 in theaters soon…. I’m just sayin… but anyways, back to Quarantine.

I can safely say that Quarantine is almost exactly the same as [rec], just not in Spanish and there might have been a few minor differences, but ultimately they are identical, which I am very happy about. The original ending is intact, the creepiness is there, the blood and R rating are there, pretty much everything I loved about the original is there. And I actually found that I liked watching this one more due to the fact that I didn’t have to read subtitles which meant I could focus on the action. I have no problem with reading subtitles, but with so much going on, especially in act 3, it was hard to pay attention and know what they were saying. 

So I am going to highly recommend this movie. My only caution is that if movies like The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield make you sick or dizzy, this one will do the same. Oh, and keep an eye out for [rec]2, the sequel to the original that should be coming out soon. 

So what did you guys think of Quarantine?