“The Purge 2: Anarchy” Trailer

the purge 2 anarchy trailer

I honestly had no clue they were even making a second “Purge” movie, so this trailer comes as a bit of a surprise. This one doesn’t necessarily follow the same format as the first installment. Yes, there is still a “purge” where all crime, including murder, is legal for one night, however this time we’re not following a family that’s locked in their house. This time around we follow a totally separate set of characters, a couple, who’s car breaks down as they are driving home hours before the purge is to commence. They are now stuck on the street with no way to get home and obviously no one to help them, so you can obviously see where this is going.

It kind of feels like the same overall idea as the latest Paranormal Activity movie (The Marked Ones). They couldn’t get any of the original cast to sign on, but they wanted to make another one so they just set a totally different story within the same world and rules as it’s predecessor. Will I see this one in the theaters, absolutely not; will I see it at home when it hits blu-ray, probably. The first one wasn’t even that great, but I love horror movies and it’s got to be pretty bad for me not to sit down and watch it.

The Purge: Anarchy will hit theaters on June 20th, 2014