PLEX Coming to LG TVs and Blu-Ray Players

Plex on LG TVs and Blu-Ray Players

If you’re a fan of the PLEX media center then this news may interest you. It was just announced that the guys behind PLEX have struck a deal with LG in bringing the PLEX interface to LG TVs and Blu-Ray Players early next year. What this means is you no longer need a Mac hooked up to your TV to stream your content to a beautiful interface. Essentially you’ll be able to run the PLEX Media Server/Manager on any computer in the house and the LG device will automatically find those servers and allow you to stream that media directly to the TV/Blu-Ray Player.

I’ve actually been trying to think of a cheap way to get PLEX into my bedroom without buying another Mac Mini for $350+ (my used one cost $350 a few months ago). I thought the new AppleTV would have been my answer, but it appears that it cannot play all types of media and the streaming only works with stuff that you are sharing via iTunes… no thank you. My other thought was a Roku box, but from everything I’ve read you can’t stream media over the network to the Roku easily or with as nice of an interface as PLEX. So that really only left me with another Mac in the bedroom, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but I really don’t want to spend the money. I guess I could always just hook my laptop up in the bedroom before going to sleep if I wanted to watch a movie/TV show, but I’d like something more permanent so these LG options may work.

Of course the only problem is I’m not in the market for a TV or a Blu-Ray player at the moment and I don’t normally spend large amounts of money on the bedroom electronics. I mean, I’m rockin a 32″ Olevia LCD 720p TV, a super king TV bed from TV Bed Store and an Insignia Blu-Ray player in the bedroom. Total cost (when units were brand new) $650… although the more I think about it, I could probably get a similar package deal these days for the same price, maybe cheaper or with a larger TV considering how much lower LCD TVs are these days, but either way I’m not in the market to spend $600+ on a TV/Blu-Ray Player. And I know they don’t really want to do this, but I would love for a small set top box, similar to the new Apple TV, that ran the PLEX front end. I would buy that in a heart beat, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the direction they want to take it, but maybe LG will jump in on that and put something together…

Either way, if you haven’t checked out the new PLEX/NINE I suggest you do and if you want to read more about PLEX on LG devices check out the PLEX Blog.