Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones – Trailer

paranormal activity the marked ones trailer

It was inevitable that they were going to make another Paranormal Activity movie, but it seems as though they have finally run out of ideas. I know what you’re thinking, they ran out of ideas after the first couple, and you’re right, but at least up until this point they all kind of fit a theme and revolved around the same people/family. After watching the trailer for “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones“, I don’t even know how it fits into the world created by the other films.

It’s time for these movies to stop. I really enjoyed the first Paranormal Activity flick and even liked the 2nd one. By the time we got the to third it was on it’s way down hill. And of course the 4th just put the nail in the coffin. But with the flicks still making money year after year, there’s no way they were just going to stop making them. “The Marked Ones” seems more like they are moving away from the original storyline and doing more of a “Paranormal Activity Presents:” type deal. I’ll still check it out when it hits blu-ray, but I won’t be seeing this in the theater. And speaking of the theater, it doesn’t even come out until January… what’s up with that?