P. Diddy Orders Hit on Tupac While Suge Knight Hires Biggie Killers

p diddy and suge knight order tupac and biggie killings

Apparently today is big news for Tupac. Along with his sex tape being leaked today, which apparently shows him getting oral sex while dancing around partying with other people as if nothing’s going on, there’s also a book coming out tomorrow called “Murder Rap” in which an LAPD officer that was working the Biggie murder case claims to have confessions from people involved. LA Weekly has a good article that paraphrases the book pretty well so you don’t need to actually read the book, but the article itself is kind of long so be prepared.

According to Greg Kading, formally of the LAPD, Sean “Puff Daddy” “P. Diddy” “Diddy” “Whatever” Combs offered Duane “Keffe D” Keith Davis $1 million dollars to take out Shakur. On the other side of the spectrum Kading claims that Suge Knight ordered the hit on Christopher Wallace aka “Notorious BIG” for, if I read this right, $13,000… “Murder Rap” is set to come out tomorrow and it touches upon all of the past theories and thing that have come to light in the past 10 years or so, but this time Kading claims to have sworn confessions by 2 people that were actually a part of the hits on both men. Apparently Kading’s team used other evidence against these two in unrelated cases to force them to spill the beans in exchange for reduced sentences or immunity on other charges.

I know it’s hard to believe that not a single person has been charged in the deaths of either of these men, especially since they were gunned down in such public places, but maybe this book will gain some legs and some of these things will be looked into further. Kading was taken off of the Biggie case as he was investigated, and eventually cleared, by Internal Affairs on an unrelated case. Shortly there after the Biggie investigative team was dismantled and nothing ever came of it, and it was because of this disregard for the evidence that Kading decided to resign from the LAPD. So who knows if any of these allegations have merit or if anything will ever come from this, but the best we can hope is that it causes P. Diddy to stop recording music forever, but seriously it’s a pretty good article and worth the read if this stuff interests you at all.

Cop’s Book Says Sean Combs, Suge Knight Ordered Tupac and Biggie Killings