Oldboy Remake With Will Smith And Steven Spielberg

Please God no! Oldboy is one of my favorite movies and with the quality of asian remakes that Hollywood puts out every year, I can only imagine how they will butcher this one. I understand it’s Steven Spielberg and he is a pretty good director, but come on, Will Smith cannot play the part nearly as well as Min-sik Choi. And how would they re-create the same story for American audiences? (Spoilers ahead) I mean the whole story revolves around a man who is kidnapped and held for 15 years and then released, hellbent on seeking revenge on the people who locked him up. That’s not where I think they’ll have a problem, anyone can have a person seek revenge and have the outcome play out a million different ways. It’s the fact that in Oldboy, at the end, you find out that he was only released so that the 2nd part of the kidnappers evil plan could come into play, getting father to fall in love with and sleep with his own daughter!! How do they expect to bring that to American audiences, people would throw a fit or not understand it. It would obviously make a lot of money at the box office only because of the names attached, but once people left the theather, I have a feeling most of them would be like “What the fuck did I just watch?” as opposed to “Wow, what a great movie”.

I don’t know, I think this is a bad idea of they move forward with it. Oldboy is a great movie and doesn’t need to be dumbed down and remade for American audiences. I can only thing of one of these asian movies in the past 10 years that has been remade, that has been any good and that was the original Ring movie. I’m hoping that The Uninvited turns out good since it’s a remake of A Tale of Two Sisters, but I’m not getting my hopes up.