New Trailer Released for Transcendence

transcendence trailer

Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall and a blonde Kate Mara hit the net in the second official trailer for the A.I. movie, “Transcendence”. When Will (Depp), turns on a sophisticated A.I. computer, a group of “terrorists” see it as a threat and decide to take out its creator. The only way to save him is to upload his consciousness into the machine so that he will live on forever.

It’s a cool concept, and actually one that I’ve thought about before; if this were a thing, would you do it? I still don’t understand how it would fully work. The idea of consciousness is that you experience, and are aware of, things happening around you, but if you the data from your brain was uploaded to a computer, you wouldn’t be you. Kind of hard to explain, but say you were still alive when you uploaded your consciousness, it would essentially just be a copy of yourself… You as a living, breathing, human being, would not exist in two places at once. Your body would still be in control of your body, and your digital copy would be in control of itself. You wouldn’t exist in two places at once. Each copy you made would live out it’s own reality, but would just contain your memories and have similar thoughts. In fact, as things progressed, you would eventually start to get further and further apart in personality and thinking as you would have different experiences to shape your mind.

It’s definitely a cool concept, and looks like a decent flick, but don’t expect to this to become a reality anytime soon, or at least a reality in which you can live, as you know it, after death… in a computer. Unless, we are all already living inside of a computer…