My Bloody Valentine 3D Review

I got a chance to check out “My Bloody Valentine 3D” last night and while it was kind of entertaining, I still think 3D technology needs to improve before it’s brought to the big screen. The movie itself was laughable, the plot was predictable, the characters were lame, and the acting was not very good, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself.

I’m a big fan of horror movies and love a good slasher flick, which is basically what this was… despite the fact that the lady behind me as we were walking out said she liked it because it wasn’t a typical slasher movie, it had a good story… really? Were we watching the same movie? The story goes, 10 years ago, some dude murdered a bunch of people in a mine along with some kids that were partying at one of the entrances. The cops shot him, and he was killed when the mine collapsed. Now (10 years later) the killer has magically returned and is killing people again. That’s basically it, there’s not really a complex back story, but the ending of the movie tries to make the movie seem like it was more creative than it was. And the acting was pretty subpar. It stars that gay guy from Dawson’s Creek and that guy from Supernatural… I don’t know names and I don’t care to look them up… they weren’t very good. In no way did I believe that the gay Dawson could be the Sherrif of the town they live in, but again the acting isn’t really why I wanted to see the movie….

3D!!!! I know it’s a gimmick, but I’ve never seen (or wanted to see) a 3D movie in the theaters, but since this one was a horror movie I figured it would be fairly entertaining…. and it was for the most part. The 3D technology isn’t the same as what I used to have as a kid and I’m sure most of you remember this. Those sweet paper red and blue glasses were nowhere to be seen, but instead we were given oversized sunglasses with polarized lenses that made me feel like I was Harry Caray. They were slightly uncomfortable on the backs of my ears since they were just hard plastic, so towards the end of the movie they were starting to chaffe. So the glasses themselves were kind of annoying, but how did it look?


I don’t think the technology is ready for mainstream movies/theaters yet. For instance, when things are moving fast on the screen it was hard for my eyes to adjust to things to see them clearly in 3D. Slow moving scenes and scenes where it’s just people on screen talking looked really good once your eyes adjusted, but scenes where people are being chased looked a little off. I must admit though the 3D does give everything a lot more depth (obviously) which made you feel more like you were there. People actually seemed like you could reach out and touch them and they were actually three dimensional figures. I also liked the fact that the movie didn’t lower itself to using 3D gimmicks just for the sake of it. A lot of 3D movies will go out of their way to throw things towards the audience or make things appear to come at you, but this one didn’t. Sure it had a few moments where they did things like that, but there was never any time where a guy blatantely took a stick and shoved it in and out towards the camera or anything like that, which would have only made the movie even more hokey.

So overall it was a cool experience. The movie wasn’t the greatest and the 3D could have been better, but the technology is definitely getting closer to what I believe it could be and I think the horror genre could do some interesting things with it. Would I recommend seeing it? Sure, if you’re into horror movies you’ll enjoy it, just don’t expect much going in and just enjoy it for what it is. Also be warned that it does cost extra to see it in 3D, I think it was like 2 bucks more.

Did anyone else check this out yet? What did you think? Did the glasses give you a headache like the little girls behind us were complaining about….. the entire movie?!?!