Mini Movie Review: Speed Racer

I went into this movie knowing nothing about the original Speed Racer, I only knew who the Wachowski siblings were from their work on The Matrix movies, so I was expecting something ridiculous and over the top, and that’s exactly what I got. The whole movie is extremely colorful and bright, lots of CG used in pretty much every scene, but surprisingly I actually enjoyed the film. I had read some reviews when it came out in theaters saying that it wasn’t very good and that you should skip it. Maybe it was because I didn’t know anything about Speed Racer or the characters, but I actually enjoyed the movie for what it was, a bright colorful, ridiculous racing movie. I was also surprised at how good Christina Ricci looks in this movie, wow! I don’t know if I’ve really seen her in anything since Cursed, which she looked kinda meh in, but wow does she look good in this movie. I do have to say that John Goodman looked like Mario (from the Nintendo games) the entire movie, seriously what was up with the red shirt, blue overalls and that wicked mustache?

Anyways, overall I enjoyed the movie more than I was expecting to. So I guess if you don’t know anything about the original Speed Racer, you might enjoy this. Just remember to turn your brain off at the beginning and just watch it for what it is, don’t expect it to be an oscar worthy movie.