Mini Movie Review: Run Fatboy Run

I’m a big fan of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so I was looking forward to Run Fatboy Run (even though the only similarities were Simon Pegg and Dylan Moran. The movie was directed by David Schwimmer, yes as in the guy from Friends, and it was written by Simon Pegg and Michael Ian Black. It’s basically about a guy who leaves his pregnant wife at the alter and then 5 years later realizes that he regrets what he did and wants to try to win her back even though she is now seeing a more successful man (played by Hank Azaria). The film was pretty good, I definitely enjoyed it, but not quite as much as Shaun or Hot Fuzz, but again I shouldn’t compare them since they were directed/written by different people. Run Fatboy Run had more semi-serious undertones about love and not quitting and stuff like that, so it wasn’t really a straight up comedy that I was expecting, but again this isn’t a bad thing. There were some pretty funny moments and Simon Pegg was great as usual. Personally I didn’t really like Hank Azaria in this movie, I don’t know if it was the way his character was written or if it was the way he acted, there was just something about him. I know he was supposed to be an asshole in the movie and that’s exactly how I felt about him, so maybe the way I felt was exactly how I was supposed to feel, I don’t know, but something still seemed a little off.

If you like Simon Pegg and want a fairly decent comedy that doesn’t rely too much on slapstick, over the top ridiculous jokes and also has a down to earth/heartwarming story behind it, check this one out.