Mini Movie Review: Midnight Meat Train

Wow, what a great fucking horror movie. This movie is based on a short story written by one of the masters of horror, Clive Barker. It follows a photographer as he tries to get pictures of the inner workings of the city. This means following shady characters around and taking pictures of random criminal activity, etc. After being told that if he gets 2 more images like his latest horrific scene, he will get to be in some big artists show, he becomes obsessed with getting more shots. He starts to follow a man through the cities after he observes him as a suspicious person getting off the train late at night. The man ends up being a serial killer who stalks people on trains.

I don’t want to give too much away, but that’s the basic premise, serial killer on the subway, but there’s so much more to it. If you have Comcast OnDemand service, check it out now on FEARnet for free (in HD). It’s not even out on DVD yet, so check it out if you can, it’s worth it if you like horror movies. I’m fairly familiar with Clive Barkers work, mainly Hellraiser and Candyman, so I kind of knew what to expect. He always has a bit of fantasy based in realistic worlds and this one was no different. I loved the movie all the way through, it never seemed to drag at all and there was tons of blood and killing and Vinnie Jones as the lead killer is a perfect casting choice. I would definitely recommend this to fans of Barkers’ other works/movies or really anyone that enjoys a good horror movie. It’s a shame this won’t get a wide theatrical release as it’s one of the better horror movies that I’ve seen in a while.