Mini Movie Review: Cannibal! The Musical

One of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s first movies and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to check it out. The movie follows a group of people that are heading to Colorado to get in on the gold rush, but they get lead astray by their leader when he goes after his horse that was stolen. The group ends up out of ideas and out of food, which leads them to eat each other, basically. The movie has some very creative songs, but not too many like Sweeney Todd, which I found hard to sit through after a while because it was all singing. There’s definitely singing in this one, but there is also a good amount of normal dialogue to move the story along. So if you saw the word “Musical” and got scared away, don’t worry, you’ll survive…..

At first I kept thinking to myself “What the fuck am I watching?” Then after a little while I started getting into it and by the end, I loved it. There may be a few spoilers ahead, but the movie has been out for years so whatever. I couldn’t stop laughing at the guy near the end that gets stabbed with a cleaver in the face, then another knife and finally a pick axe, yet some how manages to survive. And the snowman song had me almost in tears. If you’re a fan of South Park or anything else that these guys have done, and for some reason you haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out. I think a new version is either coming out or just came out, some special edition anniversary restore DVD. It’s worth a watch and if possible I would highly recommend “altering your experience”. Personally I was sober and still loved it, but I could see how it could be even more retarded/hysterical after a relaxing “J” or a few beers.