Love Me Blu-Ray Review

Whats not to like about being a teenager? I mean, you basically can do whatever you please and get away with it, with the exception of losing your mobile phone or computer privileges. As a person you are changing and wanting to explore more with love and whatnot. Well for Sylvia Potter (Lindsey Shaw), and her classmates and friends at Hampton Prep, life is about to get a little more difficult. Love Me,from Anchor Bay films, is a mystery-thriller that will keep most audiences on the edge of their seats.

Sylvia Potter is a pure soul whom indulges in the likes of some extracurricular activities that most if not all teenagers find to be not as exciting. Her life seems to be in order when a new kid comes into town. Lucas Green (Jaime Johnston) ends up transferring to Hampton Prep, catching the eye of Potter. Not much is really known about this kid, other than he is the typical good looking guy that the girls all wonder about. After Lucas and Sylvia meet he does what every teenage kid does, he made her a mix CD. Of course this makes Sylvia instantly melt as she enters the stage of instant puppy love. Her long time friend Harry (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), whom made the mistake of entering the friend zone too deeply but will always have a secret crush on Sylvia, as well as her best friend Dayln (Kaitlyn Wong), are none to pleased with the idea of her dating this mysterious boy who suddenly has made a huge impact on their compadre. This prompts Dayln to investigate a little deeper into the life of Lucas Green to try and find out what he is all about. You know, because with all the technology, who doesn’t pry a little and see what they can find on an individual? After she uses her detective skills, she runs across something that shocks her. Almost three months ago, a sixteen year old girl by the name of Melissa Kennedy went missing. This of course, like all other towns, created a whirlwind of enraged citizens. The police investigation had come up with a prime suspect in this case, and guess who it is? Lucas Green. Even with the suspicions from her friends, Sylvia falls deeper in love. Will this investigation prove her friends correct? Or will this love fest just bloom into what Sylvia has wanted for so long.


The video is quite a nice 1080p, 1.78:1 presentation. The textures come very clean and sharp as well as other details throughout the movie. The colors are crisp and clear, and the facial features and flesh tones are consistently good throughout. You will not really see any other blemishing in this almost picture perfect presentation. 4/5


The sound is a Dolby TrueHD 5.1, and being that this is a smaller financed movie, was very well done. The dialogue is never drained out by the music. The music track is pretty smooth, without any overpowering elements. The rear channels were rarely used, but overall the sound quality was presented adequately. 4/5

Special Features

*Love Me: Behind the Scenes: A behind the scenes look with the cast reliving the movie.
*Love Me: Stories From the Set: Is a little piece that adds some bloopers interlaced with interviews with the cast and crew.

This was not a terrible movie to say the least. Its your typical run of the mill teenage drama mixed with a mystery compounded by murder. I found myself at times being distracted by other things around me more than the movie. It definitely was what I figured it would be, but I am sure that audiences of this type of genre will enjoy its presentation along with its story and plot twists. If there are some things that stood out to me, I would say the video. I was pleasantly pleased by this, being, as I said before, a lower budgeted movie. Overall, if you enjoy the teenage drama genre, try this out. If you are looking for a movie to watch with the girlfriend, go ahead. Its thriller aspects might lead to some up close holding or whatnot.