Kinda Liked Monster House, Then You’ll Love Waist Deep

Apparently since I kinda liked the movie Monster House, Netflix has recommended Ant Bully and Waist Deep. Ant Bully I can see, it’s another family oriented type animated movie similar to Monster House, but Waist Deep? I don’t get that one. Here’s what Netflix has to say about Waist Deep:

Trying to walk the straight and narrow for his son’s sake, recently paroled O2 (Tyrese Gibson) ends up on the wrong side of the law after a gang abducts the youngster during a carjacking. As a brutal mob boss (rapper The Game) holds the boy hostage for a sizable ransom, O2 and resourceful hooker Coco (Meagan Good) set off on a string of bank heists à la Bonnie and Clyde. Larenz Tate plays O2’s shifty cousin in this gritty urban drama.

Sounds just like Monster House to me…. uhhh, right. Thanks for the suggestion Netflix, I’m sure little kids will love this movie.