“Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groove Cartoon Movie” Trailer

jay and silent bob super groovy cartoon movie trailer kevin smith jason mewes

[youtube id=”la017NRDjyM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are back as they finally reprise their roles as Jay & Silent Bob, only this time their animated… crudely. Listen, I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith, I enjoy his flicks, I love his podcasts, and I could listen to the dude tell stories and answer audience questions for hours, but this new project doesn’t really interest me at all. Jason Mewes aka Jay, produced this movie as a way to keep himself busy after getting clean (he was a drug addict), so I applaud him for that. This whole rant is totally hypocritical as I’ve had ideas for tons of things my friends and I could film and produce, yet I haven’t done any of them. So I definitely have respect for Jay for taking it upon himself to put this thing together and actually putting it out for the world to see. But at the same time, it looks absolutely ridiculous. That could make it a lot of fun, but the content is just so over-the-top vulgar it’s bordering on annoying. It’s almost as if you asked a 9 year old boy what he thought was funny and threw it in a movie.

I get that Kevin Smith’s career was built mainly around dick and fart jokes, but Clerks, Chasing Amy and even Mallrats, had very smart dick and fart jokes; these just seem like dick and fart jokes for the sake of saying dick and fart. So I don’t know, I’m definitely a bit skeptical, but I’m sure I’ll end up checking this thing out at some point. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will only be showing this movie in limited venues. They will be touring around the country just as Smith did with “Red State” (which was awesome), and showing it to audiences and then doing Q&A afterwards.

What did you think of the trailer?