James Cameron Made Me Eat My Words

In a previous post I made it known that the trailer for James Cameron’s AVATAR seemed a little too ‘cartoony’ for me and I wasn’t planning on seeing it for that reason alone. Well after seeing it yesterday I’ve officially changed my mind, but I still stand by my point that the trailer looked way to much like a Shrek movie.

We saw AVATAR yesterday in all it’s 3-D glory and while I will say that I was damn impressed with the actual movie/storyline as well as the special effects and visuals, I’m still going to have to say that I don’t think the 3D technology is quite there yet. I went into this hoping the 3D was better than when I saw My Bloody Valentine 3D earlier this year, but it was pretty much the same. Now obviously the epicness of the movie far surpassed that of “Valentine”, but I still found the 3D aspect of the film lacking. With so much going on on the screen it was hard to focus at some points thus making the 3D just one big blur. But that being said it must not have been that bad because there’s no way I could recommend seeing this movie without seeing it in 3D, but I will definitely recommend not seeing it in IMAX. The IMAX screen is just way too big and like I said before, there is so much going on that it’s hard enough trying to focus on all of it without having to pan your head back and forth to see the whole screen.

As far as the actual movie and story goes, I enjoyed it. I did find a few sections to be a little drawn out and I started to get a little antsy once we started nearing the 2 hour mark, but that may have had something to do with the rude woman sitting next to me who repeatedly could not find the cup holder for her drink and kept trying to set it in my lap. But all that aside I definitely enjoyed the movie a lot more than I expected to based on what I had seen in the trailers. And before I end this I just want to say that the CGI and motion capture in the movie was absolutely incredible. Obviously the first time you see the AVATAR or the Na’vi they are going to look fake to you since it’s obviously not real, but once the film becomes immersed in the world of Pandora, things begin to look a lot more realistic and eventually you’ll completely forget that it’s a fictional planet.

So congratulations to James Cameron and crew, I think you’ve finally made your “Star Wars”.