Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Review

jackass presents bad grandpa review

The Jackass shenanigans are back in action! Jackass Presents: “Bad Grandpa” arrived to theaters October 25, 2013. As one of the main characters being an 86-year-old grandpa, don’t, I repeat, don’t bring your grandparents to this movie! But on the other hand, one of the main characters is a 9-year-old so don’t bring your children to the theaters either. Just a heads up, during the movie don’t hold in a pee. Go to the bathroom and go because you will let it out in the theater if you don’t.

In the raunchiest of all raunchy movies, Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) plays a grandpa, whose grandson, Billy (Jackson Nicholl) gets abandoned by his mother and is set to go live with his granddad, who lives a distance away. Oh, and how is he going to get there? Grandpa of course! So pack up the ’81 Lincoln Continental, throw Billy in the front seat, and stuff Irving’s dead wife in the trunk and we got us a loving family road trip.

As hilarious this is, Jackson Nicholl, with other roles coming from “The Fighter”,  “Fun Size,” and “Arthur,” the real Jackson came to play. Being around so much imagery, (that I’m sure he has never seen or heard before and his parents are probably wondering what they just did with their child…) he is able to cope with it and put on an outstanding role.  While pushing around a drunken old dude in a drive-thru, how can a 9-year-old not laugh? In some parts, he blew the old-geezer out of the water.

Grossing just over $60m, “Bad Grandpa” kept its fan base laughing throughout. Director Jeff Tremaine, known for “Jackass,” “Jackass Number two,” and “Jackass: The Movie,” sure kept his same old self, but not the exact same old self. With his past Jackasses, Jeff used more of a random stunt montage type of film. Now in “Bad Grandpa” there is an actual storyline. Since Jackass started in 2000, which was aired on MTV, after 13 years we finally have a little change in the Jackass career. After the same thing, a little change doesn’t hurt anybody! The fans sure liked it.

jackass presents bad grandpa review

In the back of my mind, I always had the thought: Are these real life situations with the public? Or are these people informed ahead of time that this is Jackass? That’s up for the viewer to decide. Some stunts are done and executed correctly, but some acts I feel like couldn’t work out if the public wasn’t informed before hand. Not to take away any hilariousness or goofy behavior, just keep it in mind while watching.

Coming into this, I was expecting the same old Jackass. “Bad Grandpa” exceeded my expectations and put a new look onto the life of Jackass. As a 9-year-old being one of the main characters, don’t think you are going to be put through some lousy, awful acted movie because that’s not what will happen. “Bad Grandpa” keeps it’s same old raunchy self, with spicing it up a bit with a crazy and connected storyline. It will keep you laughing, not just the chuckle you do when you just smile and nod, this is the laugh that reminds you that you are having a good time. Grab some friends and go out and see “Bad Grandpa,” you get your moneys worth in laughs.