It’s Always Sunny: A Very Sunny Christmas Review

The gang at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia decided that since the show usually ends its run on FX before the Christmas season they were going to put out a straight to DVD Christmas special entitled “A Very Sunny Christmas”. I recently happen to come into a copy of this episode and figured I’d give a quick review before it comes out on DVD next week so that you can make up your mind on whether or not to purchase it, although if you’re a fan of the show and own all the other DVDs I’m sure you are going to purchase this no matter what I say, and with that said, it’s definitely worth checking out.

I usually don’t like when TV shows take one episode and release it as a DVD because frankly it seems like a rip off.  This DVD lists for $17.99 on amazon, which is almost what you pay for an entire season of the show and this is only one ~42 minute episode. I’m not sure if there are a lot of special features or extras on the DVD itself since I did not watch a retail copy, but even with extras I don’t know that the DVD warrants the price. I will admit that it was a solid 42 minutes and compares to some of the funnier episodes we’ve seen this season, but again that price point just seems illogical. But enough about the price let’s talk about the actual episode.

The episode revolves around each persons personal experience when it came to Christmas growing up. Mac and Charlie team up for most of the episode because Mac comes to the sudden realization that his parents had been stealing all their Christmas presents. They convinced him that it was tradition to go into other people’s houses on Christmas morning and open their presents and that’s why there were never any presents at their house, because other people were doing the same to them. Charlie informs him that they were robbing those people and it’s definitely not a tradition, so he decides to take Mac over to his moms house to show him what real Christmas tradition is like. When they get to Charlie’s moms’ house, she is definitely in the Christmas spirit, there are decorations all over the house and she’s placing indoor plants that she read on LAWeekly‘s article. Charlie then begins to explain some of the traditions that happen on Christmas morning, like when the santas show up at the house with presents. Mac is a little confused due to santas being plural so Charlie explains that Santas would show up at his door on Christmas morning with a present for him and then they would go upstairs and “cheer up” his mom, basically Charlie’s mom is a prostitute and Charlie doesn’t like finding out this information. So basically Mac and Charlie stick together trying to make Christmas a better time for both of them.

Meanwhile Dennis and Dee hate Christmas because of how Frank would treat them when they were kids. On Christmas morning the kids would run down stairs all excited to unwrap presents, but when they did all they got were empty boxes. And in some cases Frank would go out and buy all the hottest toys and stuff that he knew Dennis and Dee wanted, but he would buy them for himself and this Christmas was no different. Frank buys himself a yellow Lamborghini that Dennis has always wanted, along with some designer handbag that Dee wanted, but of course he bought the car and bag for himself and proceeds to eat cheese puffs and malted milk balls out of the bag and drive the car around with the doors open since his short arms can’t reach to close them.

The bulk of the story revolves around these two situations, Charlie and Mac trying to help out the people that Mac’s parents made him steal from as a kid and Dennis and Dee trying to pull a sort of “Christmas Carol” on Frank showing him the errors of his ways by getting Frank’s old business partner to talk some sense into him. The episode was classic It’s Always Sunny and I loved every minute of it. Normally when I do these little review/recaps every week of the episodes on TV I do a rundown of the complete story, but I’m not going to do that here since this one isn’t airing on TV. So if you want to catch all the bits and pieces I left out make sure you get a copy of the DVD, but like I said above, the price is a little steep for what it is so you may have to wait until it goes on sale or maybe iTunes or something will have it a little cheaper. And the only reasons I could tell that it had to be straight to DVD was because of the use of the word “fuck” as well as a good amount of blood and a naked Frank, but other than that they could have cut it into a 2 part episode like they have done in the past with episodes like “The Gang Gets Whacked”.

So are you going to pick this up? Is the price scaring you away? Have you seen it already, what did you think?