Install PLEX On Jailbroken Apple TV

This is what I was waiting for! When the new Apple TV was announced (ATV2 as I’ll refer to it from now on), it sounded pretty sweet. A low lost, low profile box that would stream video and content from a computer to your TV along with access to TV/Movies on iTunes, for rent. There’s no need for storage since everything is on a rental basis so the unit itself can be contained to a very small footprint. Cool, this was going to be perfect to stream all the media on my server into the bedroom. I have PLEX running on a Mac Mini in the main room to handle the streaming there, but I didn’t want to purchase another Mac Mini for the bedroom as it would be a little expensive to only get used when we’re going to sleep.

Needless to say my joy was instantly shot down when I discovered that the ATV2 could only stream stuff that was in iTunes and none of my videos are contained in iTunes and a lot of them are in formats that iTunes will not play… ouch. Then came a breakthrough, the ATV2 was jailbroken! This is the key to gaining access to the root file system of the ATV2 which will then allow people to write and install custom apps and software. Fast forward to a couple weeks later and BAM! Plex on the ATV2! I can now ditch my ghetto laptop PLEX setup in the bedroom that I was using for a more permanent setup using the ATV2.

So check out the video above for an easy step-by-step walkthrough on how to install PLEX on to your ATV2. It’s still only “proof of concept” and pretty rudimentary, but it works and will only get better.