How Does Taylor Lautner Get Work

taylor lautner looks like an alpaca that cant act

taylor lautner looks like an alpaca that cant act

I’ll admit that I’ve seen all of the “Twilight” movies except the latest one, “Breaking Dawn Part 1”, but it wasn’t until I watched “Abduction” last night that I realized just how bad of an actor Taylor Lautner truly is. I think the fact that the acting in the “Twilight” movies in general is pretty terrible, it clouded my judgement in terms of just how bad Lautner really is. There are pictures of Lautner compared to an alpaca floating around the internet (see above), because they bear a striking resemblance to each other, and I think you’d get a better performance out of that alpaca and nobody would know the difference. Actually it may make Lautner look even worse because the alpaca would probably be a better actor than he is.

Now, I saw the trailers for “Abduction”, I knew what I was getting myself into, but it’s John Singleton so I expected it to be half-way decent. And honestly the movie itself wasn’t the worst I’ve seen (don’t get me wrong though, it was bad), and the other actors were decent, but Lautner walked around like one of those monkeys at the zoo who sticks his finger in his ass and smells it, contemplates for a second and then licks it, only because nobody around him has the heart to tell him that’s now how you’re supposed to act. When he started making out with the chick in the movie I felt like a father who just walked in on his son kissing a girl for the first time, but even though my son knew I was there he continued to make out with the chick… it was just kind of awkward and she didn’t seem to be enjoying it. I know he got the role specifically because he’s the heart throb of the moment, but just because little girls think he looks good, doesn’t mean he should be an actor.

Lautner is already cast in 2 other movies (aside from the final “Twilight” movie) so he’s not going away for a couple years. I know action stars don’t have to be the greatest actors in the world, but they can’t use more moisturizer than the girls on set. Even after he was running from the bad guys the entire movie his skin was still perfectly smooth. Seriously, the chick in the movie looked more beat up than he did. I mean, the guys dad beat the shit out of him for like 10 minutes at the beginning of the movie and he didn’t even have a slight bruise. I still don’t even know how I made it through the opening credits let alone the entire movie. I should have realized how bad he was going to be when he’ riding on the hood of a car going at least 60 through the woods on their way to a party… Ugh, terrible.

Do yourself a favor, don’t see “Abduction” and for the love of god don’t see any of the “Twilight” movies unless you’re just there to make fun of them or unless you have dreams of becoming an actor, because if this kid can do it, anyone can.