House at the End of the Street Blu-Ray Review

house at the end of the street blu-ray review

“House at the End of the Street” or HATES, as it was known in its marketing, is a mediocre horror/thriller that holds your interest long enough to reveal the twist you saw coming from the start. Jennifer Lawrence plays Elissa, a girl, whom with her mom, has just moved to a new town. Conveniently enough they move next door to the house where a young girl murdered her parents a few years prior. The son has recently moved back into the house in order to fix it up and sell it, but to no ones surprise, he’s been hiding a secret in the basement…

I may have been pushing it a bit with the first sentence of this review as the twist at the end isn’t quite what I had in mind, but if you’ve seen any sort of horror movie in the last 10 years, you kind of know where this one is going. I did like the little psycho-ish mini-twist at the very end though, definitely didn’t see that coming. The movie itself was just ok though. It’s another one of those cookie-cutter horror movies of late with the hot actress of the moment being thrown into predictable situations with nothing but jump-scares and twists. If you took every cliche moment from every horror movie from the last 10 years and jammed them into one flick, this is probably what you’d end up with. The only redeeming quality of this flick is Jennifer Lawrences co-stars, who make a very cliche appearance in a tight white tank top in the last act of the flick… yes, I’m talking about her breasts. Sue me, I’m a guy… and it’s a horror movie, there has to be some sort of sex appeal and believe me, Elizabeth Shue is still pretty hot for an older lady, but she’s got nothing on Jennifer Lawrence.

As much as I want to tell you to watch this movie, I just can’t do it. It’s not very suspenseful, it’s not very scary and it’s just not that great of a movie. I’m happy that Jennifer Lawrence won the golden globe last night for “Silver Linings Playbook”, but I just can’t recommend her in this flick.

The video and audio on this disc are up to par, unlike the movie itself, and in a movie that relies on dark atmosphere and loud jump scares, you need decent audio and video in order to experience it the way the filmmakers intended… The movie also didn’t have too many special features which made the disc that much more disappointing. There’s the theatrical trailer for the flick… awesome. As well as a sneak peak at Francis Ford Coppola’s flick “Twixt” which didn’t look all that impressive. The only actual special feature on the disc is a 9 minute making-of featurette, which is basically what you’d expect from a flick like this, learn about how TikTok followers can help your business grow.

So as much as I don’t like telling you not to buy something, I can’t recommend picking this one up. Feel free to stream it from Netflix or wherever, if it becomes available, but don’t bother buying this one for your home collection… unless of course you’re absolutely in love with Jennifer Lawrence and need to have every movie she’s ever made.

house at the end of the street blu-ray review