Hellboy 2: The Golden Army Mini Review

If you liked the first Hellboy or any of Guillermo Del Toro’s other work (Devil’s Backbone, Pan’s Labyrinth) then definitely check this one out. Del Toro has such an imagination when it comes to creatures in his movies it’s amazing. How anyone could come up with the way some of these things look is beyond me, I would watch any of his movies just to see his creature designs. The movie itself is pretty good too although there were a few parts that I felt dragged a bit, but overall the movie was great. This time around Hellboy and his crew have to seek out a prince that is going to awaken the Golden Army to destroy all humans. The usuals are back, Abe Sapien, Hellboy, Selma Blair as Liz looking good as ever. And we get some new characters as well.

When I can’t think of anything bad about a movie I usually don’t end up writing as much, so again if you’re a fan of Del Toro’s work or Hellboy, you won’t be disappointed with this one. I can’t wait check out the special features on the blu-ray disc later tonight.