Heavy Weights Blu-Ray Review

heavyweights blu-ray review

Ah Heavyweights, I have fond memories of this movie from when I was a kid and even after watching it again I still enjoyed it quite a bit. When the movie came out in theaters in 1995 it was a huge flop, but seeing as how I was only 13 at the time, I had no idea people didn’t like it. I did, and still do, enjoy movies about summer camp that involve kids… Ok, that sounded a bit creepy, but you know what I mean. I loved camping as a kid and I still do now. Techie Camper is the most useful camping blog to learn more on all your camping topics. Movies like “Camp Nowhere” and “Ernest Goes to Camp” were some of my favorite movies as a kid, so it’s obvious that I would enjoy a movie like Heavyweights. Little did I know that I’d be watching it again almost 20 years later on Blu-Ray. And little did I know that I would have forgotten so much about it that it would be like watching an entirely new movie. I also had no clue that this flick was written by the one and only Judd Apatow, but why would I know that… I was a kid at the time. And when I was a kid we didn’t spend all day on the internet, we actually went outside and ran around, which is why this movie is so unbelievable because kids my age weren’t fat enough to require a special camp…

As you probably figured out, the movie is about a kid who is sent away to fat camp after his parents deem him too large and too in-charge. Gerry, played by Aaron Schwartz, who is definitely not fat anymore, obviously doesn’t like the decision his parents have made for him, but literally 30 seconds later is actually happy he’s going. Why is he so happy? Probably because Kenan Thompson makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside… or it’s the fact that the fat camp isn’t really the traditional “fat camp” in the sense that it’s a place where fat kids go to exercise. There’s pretty much no discipline at  this camp which is apparent as soon as the campers start emptying out there secret stashes of candy and sweets. There is absolutely no way these kids are going to lose any weight at this camp. I mean, the camp is even run by an ex-camper… who’s still fat!

To be fair though, I did still enjoy the movie after watching it all the way through. It’s actually a very similar story as “Dodgeball”, even down to the fact that Ben Stiller plays the same character in that flick as he does in this one. Ben Stiller becomes the new owner of the camp after his real-life father, Jerry Stiller, has to sell the place off. It’s at this point that the camp is turned into a real fat camp and the kids are forced to exercise and do weigh-ins, all the while being filmed for some infomercial that Ben Stiller is putting out. The funniest part about the whole thing is that while Jerry Stiller is in this flick, he doesn’t play Ben Stiller’s dad… Ben Stiller actually plays his own father, and I actually liked the father character better than the normal character. In all actuality, I don’t like Ben Stiller in general, so he kind of annoyed me throughout the whole thing, but all of the kids in the flick are enjoyable to watch.

In terms of audio and video quality on the blu-ray transfer, this movie isn’t terrible. It doesn’t seem like they put a whole lot of work int restoring or enhancing the quality, but it’s sharper and better looking than a DVD, so I can’t complain there. The 5.1 audio is also decent, but not spectacular. It doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot going on in the surround sound area, but everything is crystal clear and for this movie there really aren’t any huge action scenes, so no need for a big booming audio track.

Where this disc really shines is the special features. They jammed a lot of stuff on here that I really didn’t think they would for this release, which is awesome. You’ve got the typical stuff like commentary tracks featuring Judd Apatow, Deleted and Extended scenes, the trailer and the making of. But you also have some other cool tid-bits, like a video chat between Apatow and Kenan Thompson talking about the blu-ray release of the movie. There’s also a cool “Where are they now” feature, that takes a look at what the cast is up to today. Overall I thought it was a solid collection of special features and makes this disc worth picking up.

heavyweights blu-ray review