Halloween Horror Movie Recommendation: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

tucker and dale vs evil halloween horror recommendation

tucker and dale vs evil halloween horror recommendation

I’ve mentioned Tucker and Dale vs. Evil a few times on this site, most recently being in my 2011 Halloween Horror Recommendations list, but I felt it warranted a post of its own. If you’re not a fan of scary movies, but like fun horror-comedy flicks, then this is going to be right up your alley. This flick falls into the same category as movies like Shaun of the Dead in my mind. It’s got blood and guts and killing, but it’s not the same as say a “SAW” movie. This movie is fun and enjoyable, with far less torture and sadism.

Tucker and Dale are two redneck guys that are on their way into the woods to fix up a summer home that they just bought. It’s going to be a nice relaxing week of repairs and fishing, or so they thought. On the way up to the summer home they run into a car full of college kids at the gas station. The kids are on their way into the woods to go camping for the week and just need to stop and grab some food and gas before finishing the trip. Dale instantly takes a liking to one of the girls in the group, the always gorgeous Katrina Bowden, but is too shy to go talk to her. Now keep in mind when I say Tucker and Dale are rednecks, they aren’t disgusting, hideous creatures like the rednecks in Wrong Turn, but just normal redneck guys who love overalls, trucks and chewing tobacco. Tucker eventually convinces Dale to go talk to the girl at which point one of the rich college kids steps in and starts pushing Dale around. Dale obviously doesn’t want a fight so he slinks back to the truck dejected. Meanwhile the college kids start talking as if Tucker and Dale want to murder them, which is clearly not the case.

After the incident at the gas station, everyone makes it to their respective destinations without any issues and begins their relaxing vacations. Later that night, Tucker and Dale are out fishing (I think it was both of them) when they witness a few of the college kids going swimming in the lake. The girl that Dale was eyeing at the gas station gets started while getting ready to jump off of a small cliff and hits her head on a rock and knocks herself out. If Tucker and Dale hadn’t saved her she would have drown, but that’s not how her friends see it.  With a nasty gash on her head, they bring her back to the summer home and let her rest in their bed. She is startled when she wakes up, but eventually realizes that Tucker and Dale are actually really nice guys and mean them absolutely no harm, but that’s not what her friends think when they come looking for her.

I don’t want to give away too much of the flick, but that’s the basic premise. Tucker and Dale are very likable guys thrown into a situation very uncommon to most horror movies and it ends hilariously. So do yourself a favor and check this one out and let us know what you thought. Even if you’re afraid of scary movies you’ll be able to watch this one. Not everyone likes to be scared on Halloween, so if someone asks you to watch a horror movie in the coming weeks, suggest this one. The best part is, it’s available on Netflix streaming.

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