Good Morning Vietnam: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review


good morning vietnam blu-ray review

Good Morning Vietnam: 25th Anniversary Edition
Release Date: January 17, 2012

Well hello everyone. Mr Belding here with another great movie to review. When I first saw this movie, I would have to say I was around the age of maybe 14, my father, whom served this country in the Vietnam War, in which I am very proud and honored to have a father who did, was all into the M.A.S.H and other movies about Vietnam. I also had an affinity towards this time period as well, plus I knew who Robin Williams was, that funny guy who could do all the voices and whatnot! So I watched it and actually enjoyed it very much. But that’s enough about my personal experience with this film, now lets dive into this, the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray version of Good Morning Vietnam.

The film, which was directed by Barry Larson, also known for another film called Rain Man, and stars Robin Williams as an Army DJ named Adrian Cronauer, whom was the first person ever to play rock and roll on “in forces” radio, as well as a very young and giggly Forest Whitaker, starts out with a very boring segment of radio announcements. The Army reaches out to Adrian and sends him to Saigon to take over as their DJ. When you first meet Adrian, you can tell he is a very loose cannon with a great sense of humor. He ends up being very popular with the troops as well as his co-workers, but not as liked by his superiors. This movie is definitely one of Robin Williams’ funnier improv moment movies. He goes on hilarious impromptu tangents that will have you laughing the whole time. Also featured in this movie is a great array of 60’s music. I’m sure you have been sitting in the car or watching other Vietnam movies where most of these songs were being played, so don’t act like you don’t like the 60’s! There is also a nice love story to go along with some intense drama, to balance it all out.


The movie was released back in 1987, so you aren’t going to get that transformers, new age clearness or color pallet, but I must say the video looks pretty good coming at you in 1080p High Definition (presented in 1.85:1 aspect). It definitely has a few issues with the color, but compared to the DVD release of this one I think any fan of the movie will be happy.


The audio comes at you in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, so you can turn up your volume and just enjoy the hilarity as well as the amazing soundtrack. All of the dialogue is clear and easy to understand and the music is great if you’re a fan of the 60’s.

Special Features

The special features were pretty well put together. You get a background of how the movie came to the screen, this is also where you get to see the actual Arian Cronauer. You also get some very funny actor improv, which we all know Robin Williams is pretty good at. You also get a little background on the music that was used in the film. Overall you get a nice list of some special features if you’re interested in some background information.

I would recommend this movie to anyone, well anyone that’s at least allowed to see rated R movies. It’s got its hilarious moments and its very dramatic moments. You will fall in love with Adrian Cronaure from the beginning, unless you have no sense of humor. It’s also a definite improvement from the DVD release so anyone looking to upgrade should feel pretty safe doing so, plus I’m not sure when or if they’ll ever re-release this one again on physical media.