G.I. Joe 2 Retaliation No-Go

Alright, well I was actually kind of interested in seeing this movie. I don’t know, the action looked really cool, and well I enjoy a good action flick, regardless of script (see The Expendables). Well I am sad to say that you kiddos, and me, will have to wait until March 29, 2013!. Yeah you heard that right. Apparently when Paramount gave the pre-screening, it was not really well received. I guess people wanted to see Channing Tatum live a little longer, or something. This caused a huge uproar. Other sources are saying that it had to do with the process of making it 3D (which it was not slated to be in the first place according to the director). Which I believe is a stupid excuse, mainly because of my distaste in 3D movies (though I saw the Avengers in 3D and absolutely loved it). I digress.

I believe this will really hurt this movie. One; it didn’t do well in pre-screening which is leading to scripting changes, and Two; after this years movies, this might be pushed to a back burner in most peoples’ minds (see Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus). Now this is all just my opinion, and all the information I am conveying is stuff I am reading about from various sites. So don’t kill the messenger!

At any rate, I guess if you were really excited about seeing The Rock shirtless shooting a gun, or even Bruce Willis being old but still kicking ass, it looks as though you will have to wait another year.

Oh yeah and P.S. the photo of The Rock, I made pretty easily, but in no way portrays the feelings of him, because personally I don’t want him to make me cry.