Friends With Kids Blu-ray Review

No, I do not have kids, and no I am not married. Both of these have a major change in ones life. You get to a time in your life when all of your friends are married, which most of mine are, and many to all have children, which half of mine have one on the way, and it gets you thinking. Now after seeing the cast on the cover of this movie, I really thought it would just be a raunchy comedy about how marriage is a joke and having kids is a funny disgusting chore. This movie had both aspects, having its funny instances as well as very serious moments that added to the realism.

The 2011 drama-comedy from Lionesgate, Friends With Kids, has a star studded cast in; Adam Scott (Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation), Jennifer Westfeldt (Friends With Kids director/writer), Jon Hamm (Mad Men, The Town), Kristen Wiig (Brides Maids, Despicable Me), Maya Ruldolph (Brides Maids), Chris O’Dowd (Brides Maids), Megan Fox (Transformers) and Edward Burns (Saving Private Ryan). The movie was written and directed by Jennifer Westfeldt and is about a close knit group of friends whose lives all change once they introduce a new life into their worlds. The only two in the group that are single and without kids (Adam and Jennifer), witness the changes in their friends lives and how a kid has effected their marriages, and ask each other if there is an easier way to do this. They end up deciding to have a child, but not be exclusive, and this leads their friends to question the actuality of true love and the nature of family and friendship. With a mixture of hilarious witty dialogue from the cast and some serious moments, this movie will have you laughing and crying from one moment to the next.


The video comes at you in a crisp 1.78:1 1080p picture. Westfeldt with help from her cinematographer William Rexer really seemed to capture the beautiful essence that is Manhattan New York. All the shots were crisp, the colors were all very well defined and I rarely saw any artifacts what so ever. Bravo. 4/5


The audio comes at you in a crisp 5.1 DTS-HD mix. Due to its heavy dialogue, the background music or ambient sounds are never overwhelming, but can be heard in your rear channels, which works out perfectly. Most of this movie involves a group of 6 or so people talking at the same time or various times, and at no point were their voices ever over powering to one another. Nice sound overall. 4/5

Special Features

The special features include:

Audio Commentary with Jennifer Westfeldt, Jon Hamm and William Rexer: This is a pretty informative extra that gives you an in-depth look into the movie.

Making Friends With Kids: Has some interviews with the cast, as well as scenes from the movie and some behind the scenes looks.

Ad-libs and Bloopers: This one is split up into two sections: one with the adults and one with the kids. Was a pretty fun addition.

Scene 42: Anatomy of a Gag: This one is a neat special feature that shows how the scene deviates from the actual written script and has various clips that are full of ad-libs.

MJ Rocks at Video Games: This has the very good looking Megan Fox showing Adam Scott how to play Gears of War. There is an optional commentary from the director as well as Hamm and Rexer.

Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary: Exactly what it says. Standard.


Overall I actually enjoyed this movie. It had a good mixture of comedy and very serious situations. I can also relate to this type of life, being that all my friends are married and more than half have kids coming soon, or already have them. The acting was very well done. All the characters were very believable. I was not sure what I was going to get out of this, being that most of the cast were in the hilarious movie Brides Maids, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the serious, mature aspect of this movie. Westfeltd did a very good job on the writing as well as directing, giving you a beautiful look at life in Manhattan. I would recommend this to more of a couples crowd, but overall I actually enjoyed it. 4/5