Friday the 13th (remake)

I’ve been looking forward to this movie ever since I heard they were making it. As much as a fan of the originals as I am, I always thought it could be much better with a face lift. I spent the entire week trying to re-watch all of the original movies, but I only made it through Part VII. I am going to continue to finish them even though I’ve seen the remake now, but at least it gave me something to base my comparison on.

To be perfectly honest, as much of a bad-ass as Jason seemed to be in parts, 2,3,4,5,6 it’s nothing compared to what Kane Hodder brought to the role starting in part VII. His attitude and overall appearance was just that much more menacing than the previous actors that played him. So when I heard that Jason was going to be played by someone else in this latest one (even though Hodder wasn’t in FvJ either) I was a little disappointed, but after seeing it I was pleasantly surprised.

The new one focuses on Jason and not Mrs. Vorhees. There’s a quick intro that shows Mrs. Vorhees, but the bulk of the movie deals with Jason himself. So without giving too much away, even though there’s not much of a plot, the movie was pretty good. I enjoyed most of it, although there were a few actors I could have done without, like the main “douche”, Trent, but the supporting cast wasn’t terrible. And it’s not really a big deal that they weren’t the greatest actors, they were basically just there to get killed. What I did like though, was the new Jason. He was much more agile and quicker than old Jason. And although the fact that old Jason coud just walk and catch up to you was kind of creepy, the fact that new Jason will actually run after you and fuck you up is much scarier.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and thought it was a good re-imagining of the old classic. I also heard it made close to $50 million this weekend, so another big win for horror movies! Did anyone else check it out this weeend? What did you think?