Freelancers Blu-Ray Review

Freelancers is a 2012 Action/Crime/Thriller from the man who brought you Righteous Kill and Street Kings, Jessy Terrero, courtesy of Lionsgate Films. Upon looking at the cast for this you might have thought it was going to be a pretty decent flick. It stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Forest Whitaker and Robert De Niro. This story follows 50 as he becomes a police officer following in the footsteps of his father, whom I chuckled at when I saw who it was. For those who have seen The Wire, (if not you better watch it) it was Bubbles! So 50 gets approached by De Niro to be part of a “freelance” type police officer. He basically would have a free pass to do whatever he wanted. So he agrees to join this group, mainly because his father had worked for Sarcone, and the money was pretty good. So he is assigned a drug snorting, whore seeking TO (training officer), played by Forest Whitaker. Malo (50) is a much more ethical police officer than LaRue (Whitaker) seems to be. LaRue ends up molding him more into a do whatever you want type officer. After seeing the behind the scenes shenanigans that this group was doing, Malo decides to become a little bit of a detective after meeting one of Sarcone’s cronies. As Malo digs deeper he finds the truth behind his fathers death, and it is all linked back to Sarcone. Malo and his two other friends along with LaRue, whom did not know what Malo was really doing, go on a witch hunt of a sorts, to track down the men in charge of Sarcones’ lucrative business. Malo eventually sets Sarcone up after contacting the head hancho and Malo’s revenge is finalized.


The video comes at you in a pretty 1080p transfer in 2.39:1. The colors and objects are well defined and crisp. The close ups show a great contrast of colors and detail, which was pleasant to the eyes. The only issue that I saw with the video were the random flybys of New York City, due to over exaggerated digital sharpening. 4/5


This was one of the things I was most impressed with. The sound was amazing. From the action scenes, to the bass thumpin’ soundtrack. My front 3 channels delivered a crisp clear sound, where the back 2 and my sub were going nuts over the music and bass drops. Great sound. 4/5

Special Features

Commentary with Director Jessy Terrero and Actor Curtis “50 cent” Jackson: Well this was not very informative. Really could have done without it, but I guess all movies need a commentary with the directors and actors. Oh and you get to hear what 50 thinks of his female co-stars.

Deleted Scenes: This contains eleven deleted scenes and an alternate opening.

Behind the Scenes With Interviews: Basically as the title explains.

Extended Interviews with Cast and Crew: Includes segments with all of the people involved except Robert De Niro.

So there you have it. This movie felt to me like a knockoff of Training Day, minus the good. The soundtrack was pretty good, the video of course looked amazing, but it just was hard to get into the movie. It was pretty predictable, and of course it seemed as if De Niro was just there to help sell copies. If you are a fan of 50 then I guess you could pick this up, but anyone looking to watch a good cop drama, I would pass on it. 3/5